Why bamboo cosmetic package price has a big difference?

bamboo cosmetic packaging

With the rise of the bamboo packaging industry, more and more suppliers have joined the competition in this industry. More people competing means that consumers have more choices, but at the same time, it also means that the quality of bamboo cosmetic packaging products is divided. That’s why when customers receive some prices, they ask, “Why are your prices so expensive? I got it very cheap.” But what they don’t realize is that often times, you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Here at Bamboo Packaging Co., we pride ourselves on offering high-quality bamboo cosmetic packaging at a fair price. We believe that our customers should be getting the best possible value for their money, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction。

When it comes to bamboo cosmetic packaging, there are a lot of factors that can affect the price. The type of bamboo, the size and shape of the packaging, the printing and design,  can all play a role in the final cost of the product.:

Bamboo Board Mateiral:The first factor is the bamboo raw materials, bamboo resources in various regions are very rich, but born in different areas of bamboo is different, the growth time is not the same, the density of bamboo, bamboo splicing way, has its own suitable for use in the field of products, some areas of bamboo panels suitable for furniture, some areas of bamboo panels suitable for flooring, some areas of bamboo panels suitable for packaging, some some regions have lumber suitable for lids. Relatively high quality cosmetic packaging materials use bamboo lumber that is high density high-end lumber, stable in water absorption, not easy to crack, small internal cavities, uniform material and clear grain during processing.

Equipment of production:The second factor is the difference between the equipment of the processing process: some factories use very simple processing equipment, is dependent on manual operation to adjust the processing data of the product, some factories use accurate CNC equipment, controlled by computer, the higher the precision of the machine, the smaller the tolerance of the product made, the higher the precision of the product, then the price is also higher.

Work order: a sheet to a can, not a step can be made, there are many processes, so which step to do first, or is it necessary to do more than one step, less than one step, will affect the quality of the product, for high-quality products, there are some processes can not be reduced, although on the surface look like the difference is not very big, but in the process of use, you will find that the product quality gap, more than one process, it means that the increase in time, labor costs, then naturally, you will also feel the increase in the price of the product

Coating Surface Treatment: In the bamboo cosmetic package, a very important process is the surface treatment of paint, the use of different paints, the cost is also different, while in different factories, the paint process is different, the amount of paint used is different, the price is also different, while doing several times the paint is also different, which directly affects the appearance of the jar and get the feel of the hand, different texture of the jar also represents your brand

Not the more expensive the price, the better the product, the cheaper the price, it is not a good product. You need to choose a product that suits you according to your product positioning, but also do not hear the price of the product, it is easy to deny whether the supplier sold high prices to earn high profits. For any type of product, there is a market share, just like your skin care brand, you also have your own brand positioning , positioning people. At the same time, when you need high quality products, it is not possible to simply lower the price of suppliers, which will only sacrifice the quality of the product, while damaging the brand. The whole complete value chain interests are closely related, interlocking, long-term and stable cooperation, is a win-win development.

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