What kind of roller bottles are available on the market?


Roller bottles are cylindrical in shape and come in a variety of volumes and styles. They are typically made of plastic or autoclavable glass and can be used to grow and store cell cultures. Placed on a roller, roller bottles can slowly rotate and bathe cells that are attached to the inner surface of the bottle. Roller bottles are typically filled with essential oil blends or perfume to be applied topically to your skin.

1. Roller bottle varieties

There are a variety of roller bottle varieties available on the market. They can be made of plastic or  glass and come with different volumes and styles. Some roller bottles have a bamboo sleeve, let’s learn about them.

  • Glass Roller Bottle: it is a type of roller bottle that is made of autoclavable glass. This type of roller bottle is typically heavier than other types of roller bottles and is less likely to break. It is mainly used for some essential oil ,perfume or some liquid can corrosion plastic. The roller with stainless or glass, sometimes stone is also used. But glass and stone are easy leaking, stainless roller is a better choice for some oil.2. How to use a roller bottle.
  • Plastic Roller Bottle:It is the most common type of roller bottle and are made of plastic. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Plastic roller bottles are less likely to break than glass roller bottles and are easy to clean. This style roller is used much for the liquid deodorant, and with glass or plastic roller( like PP roller ) available.
  • Bamboo Roller Bottle:It is  a type of roller bottle that is made of bamboo+glass. They are typically heavier than other types of roller bottles and are less likely to break. There is a bamboo sleeve outside of the glass, it can protect the glass ,also with good appearance, especially you add laser engraving logo of your own brand. The volume is variety, from 1ml to 50ml.types of roller bottles

2. Type of Roller Balls

There are 3 types of roller balls that can be used in roller bottles: stainless steel ,plastic and glass.

  • Stainless steel roller balls are the top choice, not much expensive than glass or plastic, but the quality is better, we suggest you choose stainless roller for your bottle as the toppest choice.
  • Plastic roller is the cheapest, but the quality is the lowest, but if you are using the big volume roller bottle ,such as 30ml and 50ml, at this time, plastic roller is your choice, because it is light.
  • Glass roller/Stone roller, if you use oil to fill into the bottle, we do not suggest the glass/stone roller, the tolerance of the roller is big, leaking is always happened.Saving the roller cost is not a good choice. The oil inside costs more.

3.Types of roller bottles surface


For Glass Roller Bottle:

1.Plain roller bottle: Plain roller bottles have no extra decoration on their surface, and the roller is silicone roller . For this type roller bottle, it can be filled with essential oil ,perfume or some liquid can corrosion plastic.

2.Spray roller bottle: Spray roller bottles are covered in a thin coating of paint to give them a glossy finish and the roller is always stainless steel or glass roller . This kind of roller bottle mostly used for perfume or room spray project.

3. : Use electroplating technology, coating golden/silver or some colors with metal appearance

type of roller bottle

For bamboo roller bottle, there are some ways to add logo on it ,such as printing and laser engraving.  It looks more elegant and high end.

4.Capacity of roller bottle

The capacity of roller bottles vary, but the most common sizes are 5ml and 10ml for essential oil or perfume, but for some liquid deodorant products, 30ml and 50ml are most common.5ml and 10ml bamboo roller bottle



Overall, roller bottles provide an efficient and cost-effective way to grow and store cell cultures, while being available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and roller balls. Whether you’re working with essential oils or fragrances, roller bottles are the perfect choice for your needs.

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