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Serum Bottle Manufacturers Production Capability

  • The usage of serum is increasing in the beauty industry. This is why ThreeBamboo presents you with the finest serum bottle packaging. We are one of the professional serum bottle manufacturers that cater to all your needs.
  • Our years of experience in the industry have made us spread our business across the world. Our primary customers are natural skincare brands in need of one of the top-quality serum bottle manufacturers.
  • Our crew of adept personnel ensures that everything from material procurement to product delivery runs smoothly and as per required standards.
  • We mainly supply 90% of our serum bottle packaging in North America, Europe, and Australia. However, we are not just bound to these regions.

Serum Bottle Manufacturers Features

  • ThreeBamboo serum bottle packaging is one of a kind. They are aesthetically pleasing yet practical in use. As serum bottle manufacturers, we make serum bottles in glass and plastic, also bamboo serum bottle is available.
  • These serum bottles are chemically inert, thus increasing the shelf life of your serum. Additionally, for photosensitive products, we have tinted glass serum bottles. These amber-colored serum bottles will protect your precious serum from harmful UV rays.
  • The process of packaging serum bottles is available in different shapes and sizes. You can order the one best suited to your decor and needs.

Figure 2-Serum Bottle Manufacturers
Figure 3-Serum Bottle Manufacturers

Additional Packaging Services

  • We offer a wide range of services, including top-notch serum bottles. We have an excellent customer service team that is always willing to help with issues in packaging serum bottles.
  • Our knowledgeable personnel can address any inquiries or concerns about the products we sell. As for serum bottle manufacturers, ThreeBamboo assures that our valued customers have confidence while making a purchase.
  • We offer a variety of shipping alternatives. There are three modes of delivery transportation available to you: air, water, and road. Feel free to avail of express delivery at your doorstep in every order.
  • We also provide free samples to help you make purchasing selections if you are unsure. If you wish to make a substantial purchase, you can use this service.

Serum Bottle Packaging Category

Figure 4-Macaron Color Glass Serum Bottle
The flat shoulder glass serum bottle is color coated, like beautiful macaron color, it looks luxury,30ml and 50ml are both available.
Figure 5-Oblique Shoulder Glass Serum Bottle
The unique oblique shoulder glass bottle design looks elegent, color coating is also available, frosted coating,gradually coating, light coating,all can meet your request
Figure 6-Round Shoulder Glass Serum Bottle
Round shoulder bottle is the normal style, but you can choose different technology to decorate your bottles, such as coating ,printing etc.
Figure 7-Bamboo Serum Bottle
Bamboo dropper serum bottle is a high-end bottle,glass inner with all bamboo sleeve, we suggest you use engraving artwork on the bottle,looks natural and luxury,
Airless Serum Bottle
Airless bottle is better for the sensitive formulation of the serum, using airless bottle is clean and there is not any waste of the serum
Square bottle is different from normal round shape bottle, it seems more steric.

Why Choose ThreeBamboo As Serum Bottle Manufacturers?

glass bottle production processWe have a big glass bottle plant supplier to support our products supplying, they do the 24h continuous production and with experienced production experience.

All the finished products are packed into pallet to protect the glass, which is convenient to load into container or shipping by truck. For small glass bottle ,will pack into carton, sell one carton at least to avoid breaking

During the production process of the products, we will constantly carry out sampling and do vacuum testing of the products to ensure that the glass bottle is without  bubble and not breaking

Only when the vacuum test is qualified, the glass bottle is considered a qualified product, which can prevent leakage and ensure that the glass bottle can effectively protect your products.

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Serum Bottle Manufacturers--FAQ Guide

Here are the answers to some repeatedly asked queries that can help you understand ThreeBamboo and serum bottles better.
1. Can I Get A Free Sample Before Placing A Wholesale Order For Serum Bottle Packaging?

Yes, we are delighted to provide you with a free sample of our serum bottles so that you can see and feel the quality of our product for yourself. Standard product samples are provided free of charge. However, if your product needs to be altered or personalized, we will charge per piece.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you are receiving a sample of a conventional product or a custom product, you are responsible for the shipping costs.

2. What Is The Minimum Number Of Serum Bottles Packaging I Must Order?

As one of the leading serum bottle manufacturers, we don’t limit the minimum order quantity on our stock items. However, for bespoke items, the MOQ is decided by the type of customization and thus varies from case to case.Please contact our support team to get more details.

3. How Do You Maintain The Quality Of The Serum Bottle Packaging?

As for quality control, we have a strict process that all of our bottles go through before they leave our facility. We inspect each and every bottle to make sure that it meets the required industry standards. If a bottle does not meet our quality standards for some reason, we don’t ship it out to our customers.

4. What Is More Beneficial, Glass Or Plastic Serum Bottles?

As top-quality serum bottle manufacturers, we say it truly depends on the purpose and needs of the buyer. Some people prefer glass because it feels more luxurious, while others prefer plastic because it’s lighter and more convenient to use. The plastic used in our serum bottles is of high quality and thus doesn’t alter in shape or chemical property even in hot climates.

Here are some benefits of both kinds of materials

Benefits of glass serum bottles:

  • Glass is a very strong and durable material.
  • They are chemically non-reactive, and thus your serum retains its beneficial properties for a longer time.
  • Glass has a very elegant look and feels to it, making your product look more high-end.

Benefits of plastic serum bottles:

  • Plastic is lighter than glass, so this serum bottle packaging is easier to carry if you want to travel.
  • Plastic is more flexible than glass, so it’s less likely to break if it’s dropped.
5. How Long Does It Take For Threebamboo To Make My Serum Bottles?

At ThreeBamboo, we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times. We know that our customers are working hard to get their products to market as quickly as possible, so we do everything we can to make sure that your bottles are made and shipped out as soon as possible.

Before shipping your order, we double-check that it meets all of your specific requirements. For stock bottles, we need 7 days to prepare and pack. In the case of bespoke bottles or production after order bottles, based on the technology we take somewhere between 15 to 30 days.

6. Do You Provide Customization Services?

As efficient serum bottle manufacturers, we do offer a variety of services to our clients, including customization. We realize that branding is the most important component of a business, so, we pay special attention to your customization needs.

Here are the customization options:

  • Add special finishes or printing to your serum bottles to make them truly unique.
  • Screen printing: It is relatively economical and produces high-quality results
  • Frosted glass: This is another popular look of the bottle we deliver while packaging serum bottles for you.
  • Various color finishes: Pick the color that speaks for your brand.

Want something apart from these options? Contact our team of experts who can help you bring your unique design idea to life.

7. Is Your Serum Bottles Wholesale Order Eligible For Free Shipping?

No, we do not offer free delivery for any of our products since our clients come from all over the world and shipping is expensive. However, we make certain that your shipping expenses are kept to a bare minimum, ensuring that both you and we benefit from this business exchange.

The cost of delivery is calculated based on the weight of your products and the final destination to which they will be delivered.


8. What Method Will You Use To Deliver My Order?

At ThreeBamboo, we offer almost all types of shipping methods because the packaging of serum bottle is done for customers worldwide by us. The sort of order you have may affect the shipping method.

If you have any special needs related to serum bottle packaging, feel free to contact us. We can customize the packaging as per your instructions. Also, we work with a number of different shipping companies so that we can ship your order through air, sea, and land transportation. If you don’t have any preference, we will select the most cost-effective shipping method for you.

For instance, if you’re making a large purchase, it’ll be shipped by sea because it’s the most cost-effective way. If you request a smaller order, it will be delivered by FedEx, UPS, DHL, or TNT via air.

9. How Many Colors Are Your Serum Bottles Available In?

Being among the top-quality serum bottle manufacturers, we have a wide range of color options available. So, you’re sure to find something that matches your brand perfectly. However, in the case of color coating orders, the MOQ is 5000pc.

To reap this facility, look at the serial numbers given to all our customizable colors. All you need to do is select the number of the color you like. We will do the coating according to the color number.

10. What If I Receive A Defective Packaging Serum Bottle?

As one of the prime serum bottle manufacturers, we take quality control very seriously. We inspect every single serum bottle packaging before it leaves our facility to ensure that it meets our quality standards. However, if you do receive a defective bottle, please contact us right away, and we will be happy to send you a replacement in the next order.

However, if the glass breaks as a result of the transportation violence, we will not take any responsibility. Glass items are not the responsibility of logistics. The logistics provider shall also not be held liable for any damage to the glass goods that happens during shipping.

11. Is It Possible To Purchase Serum Bottles With Droppers?

As the leading company in packaging serum bottle, we do provide a wide range of lids. This includes lids with attached droppers.

Dropper bottles are convenient and suitable for a variety of product applications. While dispensing your serum, droppers help you provide no contact delivery of the product. As a result, your serum remains protected from external contamination and has a longer shelf life.

Apart from droppers, treatment pumps with snap or screw-top plastic closures are one of our top products. We also provide serum bottles with a central orifice present in the lid for your brand.

12. What Are The Capacities Of Serum Storage Bottles?

Our serum bottles are available in a variety of shapes and serum holding capacity, making them convenient to transport and store. The capacity of our serum bottles begins from 5ml and goes up to 100ml, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

13. How Does The Payment Process Of Serum Bottle Packaging Works?

ThreeBamboo’s payment structure is very straightforward. Whether you’re ordering serum bottles in wholesale quantity or in small quantity, the process is the same. You must pay 30% of the entire cost beforehand, with the remaining 70% due when the order is ready to be shipped.

14. Do You Have Any Hidden Charges?

Being one of the leading serum bottle manufacturers, we do not have any hidden charges. We will enlist all the costs for you and strictly follow the terms of international trade. You will know where your money is spent, and if you are confused about any quotes, you can ask our sales team.

15. What Kind Of Material Do You Use To Make Your Serum Bottle Packaging?

As one of the best serum bottle manufacturers, we utilize lead-free and heavy materials like glass. For a lighter non-toxic packaging material, we use plastic. On top of all, we design our serum bottle packaging in a way that can also be used by pharmaceutical companies too.We also provide bamboo serum packages combined with plastic or glass.

Clients Feedback

We have cooperated with a lot of clients, from skincare brands, organic homemade business, start-up brands, let's see their feedback to know more about ThreeBamboo!
  • star star star star
    ThreeBamboo has very responsible sales team who keep us regularly informed about the production of our orders, making me feel as if I were seeing the production myself. The strict quality control team and sales service team solve the problem of quality control for overseas purchases.
    ---Karen B.
  • star star star
    During the shipping process, the product was broken, when we received the broken product, we gave feedback to threebamboo and they immediately responded to the quality issue by replacing our broken product in the next order, this way of solving the problem makes us think that it is very reassuring to work with such a supplier.
  • star star star star star
    I really like their packaging, especially their bamboo packaging, very natural, good-looking, environmentally friendly. We are always looking for environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging materials that cause as little environmental pollution as possible, and finding ThreeBamboo has brought our branding goals closer to fruition!
    ---Lisa Murphy
  • star star star star
    We are just a start-up company, in the beginning the purchase quantity is not very big, we communicate with ThreeBamboo in depth this, after understanding, they gave us a very big support in some stock items, give us a lot of packaging advice and marketing plan, with such suppliers grow together is a very rare peer on the business road
    ---Beck L.

ThreeBamboo Is Your Trustful Packaging Solution Provider

We have  over 15 years of experience in the production of packaging materials as well as good customer service capabilities. Growing together with our customers, we know deeply that good products and good customer service are the fundamentals of our business.

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