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Bamboo Cream jar is the TOP-SALE items of ThreeBamboo, there are different designs,such as glass jar with bamboo lid; glass inner jar with all bamboo sleeve,PET jar with bamboo lid.  Click it and learn more.

Bamboo Roller Bottle,it can fill the essential oil, perfume or as subpack for any liquid you want to use filling into the roller bottle.There are different capacities of different designs.

Bamboo Dropper Bottle has mainly 2 styles. One is glass inner with all bamboo sleeve, the other one is glass bottle with bamboo dropper. It can be used as serum bottle, essential oil bottle or any liquid bottle.

Bamboo Lip Balm Tube, PP inner tube wit bamboo sleeve, you can design the artwork engraving on the bamboo sleeve, these tubes are mainly suitable the vegan formulation lip balm products.

We have cosmetic tube packaging, with normal plastic cap, acrylic cap, airless pump cap, also with bamboo cap. These are totally eco-friendly packaging.

Airless Bottle is a clean packaging and it will not cause waste ,bamboo airless bottle, AS airless bottle, PP airless bottle, all available.

Bamboo: Our Future In The World Of Beauty

With 120 billion pieces of plastic waste in the cosmetics industry every year, our industry alone destroys 18 million acres of forests without any guilt. Do you want to be part of the generation that destroys the planet or saves it? Bamboo is our knight in shining armor!

Renewable: This plant grows so quickly (three years) to make wooden items ideal for cosmetic items like no other.
Eco-Conscious: Bamboo is a grass that produces 35% more oxygen than trees of the same size.
Compostable: Being a natural fiber, from leaves to stems, and everything made out of bamboo decomposes.
Biodegradable: When grown in wet soil typically in hot or humid conditions, it will go back to the soil with quick decomposition unlike the 450 years that plastic waste takes.
Durable: Bamboo houses can withstand 9-pointer earthquakes, so imagine how safe your beauty solutions would be when enwrapped in bamboo packages.
Sustainable: A self-generating wild grass, bamboo is easy to grow and good for the soil, air, water, and many other components of the environment.
Versatile: Bamboo is a multi-faceted material that’s ideal for making all types of cosmetic packaging items and so that you can take a step to reduce plastic by over 90%.

Replace your plastic packages with responsible bamboo packaging today so that you can engage and convert new customers besides upping the reputation of your brand.

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