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  • You can see a plethora of industries making a shift towards the use of sustainable products. One such name that registers its presence in the top eco-friendly products manufacturers is ThreeBamboo. We have been manufacturing lotion tubes packaging since 2004 and creating high waves in the industry. Our 3 layer workshop covers an area of 6500 square meters is equipped with high-tech machinery. We use a smoke machine, injection machine, automatic offset printing machine, silkscreen printing machine, golden hot stamp printing machine, labelling machine and many others for producing the empty lotion tubes wholesale.
  • Our wide range of packaging products is fit for not one but countless sectors. Other than wholesale lotion squeeze tubes, we also produce tubes packaging for skincare, hair care,pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, medicine, painting, and industrial use. We have customers all around the globe, and our primary market area is North America and Europe.
  • The success of ThreeBamboo is backed by its first-class team of engineers that ensure seamless functioning of all the high tech machines. Other than that, our quality control team undertakes strict checking methods to ensure that none of the lotion tubes is bad. In short, you get superior quality products.

Why ThreeBamboo Lotion Tubes Worthy?

lotion tubes wholesale
  • ThreeBamboo uses biodegradable PE plastic to manufacture its lotion tubes, and the material makes them harmless to the environment. So you can have the touch of nature in your beauty products with the lotion tube packaging by ThreeBamboo.
  • The use of empty tubes for lotion is immense and goes beyond the boundaries of beauty products. They are lightweight and easy to carry and the material used offers greater chemical resistance that keeps the contents inside the tubes safe from infiltration.
  • Lotion squeeze tubes are compatible with printing technologies, and the surface’s colour fastness is good and presents a quality print. The lotion tubes can be brought to life in a variety of designs by combining different technologies.

Lotion Tubes Category


100% PE plastic tube with bamboo lid, which is perfectly eco-friendly and recycle,and the tubes can meet different diameters and different volumes.


Acrylic Cap looks luxury, with the beautiful design printing on the tube, the tubes can show a lot of variation standing for your brand style. Round shape and oval shape both available.


This is aluminum-plastic laminated tubes with renovating tubes, this kind of tube has a aluminum layer in the middle, it can not rebound back after squeezing the lotion out, you can know how many lotion left in the tube easily.

Why Choose Three Bamboo Lotion Tube Packaging?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
Other than sales, our after-sales services are also off the charts. If, in any case, you face any problem with squeeze tubes for lotion, you can get in touch with us and show us the evidence. We will surely resolve your issues.
The agile customer support of ThreeBamboo will take your shopping experience to a new level. A team of experienced professionals can help you get a glimpse of our production plant through pictures and videos. So that you can be sure of the quality.
Talking about the payment methods, you get convenient payment methods and procedures. And if you prefer a method other than the ones mentioned, we are up for it. The delivery services further add to the convenience. Your products can be delivered to you by sea, air, or express door to door.
Coming to lotion tube packaging and printing, ThreeBamboo offers customised packaging solutions and personalised printing services like offset printing, silkscreen printing, hot stamping, and labelling, etc.

Lotion Tubes What You want to Know

During choosing lotion tubes, you will face some questions about the packaging or our company, you can get answers below, if below information can not meet your need, please use the right sheet contact our sales team!

1. What is lotion tube packaging?

Lotion tube packaging is packaging essentially for storing lotions. It’s primary implication is in the fashion industry to store beauty products. These lotion tubes are also used to reserve several other products like moisturisers, gels, creams, etc.

At ThreeBamboo, you can get the lotion tubes on demand. And the utility of these tubes goes beyond the boundary of beauty products.

2. What are the lotion tubes made of?

The material used for making empty lotion tubes wholesale decides the longevity and efficiency, and ThreeBamboo takes no chances with the quality of its products. ThreeBamboo uses two types of material to produce lotion squeeze tubes. These are:

  • PE Plastic: PE is simply the primarily used material for lotion tube packaging creation. PE means polyethylene, and its eco-friendly nature makes it a popular choice. The material allows tubes to realise more colours, and with the clear tube, the colour of the contents inside is also visible. ThreeBamboo also produces PCR tubes.
  • Aluminium and Plastic: This is another exciting material that ThreeBamboo uses to produce lotion squeeze tubes. The combination of aluminium and plastic provides added safety and an aesthetic appeal. Aluminium is used to make the middle layer and plastic for other layers. They help maintain the quality of the content. However, these are not 100% recyclable.There’s one more material that is widely used for the production of lotion tubes wholesale manufacturing.
  • Aluminium: Aluminium is recyclable and has vast implications. The range of its utility touches various products like jars, tubes, bottles, etc. It’s a popular material and is widely used. However, aluminium tubes are not produced at ThreeBamboo.
3. Is PE plastic recyclable?

Yes, PE plastic is 100% recyclable, and that’s the main reason for its popularity. It’s better than many other materials for recycling because It can be recycled multiple times without any quality degradation. In contrast to other materials, PE plastic is not harmful to mother nature. Plus, it has a longer shelf life, so more use-cycles are possible.

ThreeBamboo has placed recycling at the heart of its business and uses PE plastic to make lotion tube packaging. The tubes, when disposed of, causes no harm to nature as they are biocompatible.

4. Are lotion tubes safe?

Yes, using lotion tubes is completely safe; here’s why. These are made from PE plastic or aluminium and plastic, and both of these variants are completely biodegradable. Moreover, PE plastic is free from harmful substances like phthalates or BPA, which makes it harmless to the environment.

The structure and composition of lotion tubes ensure no contamination or any leakage in their contents. Plus, the inner layers of the tube does not cause any reaction with the contents, so it’s safe when you apply the lotion to your skin. ThreeBamboo believes that safety is an integral part of the products. And the intent to give it back to society reflects in our sustainable products.

5. How do you fill a lotion tube?

At ThreeBamboo, you won’t get any kind of filling service, and we only offer empty tubes for lotion. However, If you want to fill the lotion tubes yourself, there are several methods you can utilise. Different methods can assist in filling various types of tubes, and you may also need a specific equipment. So you must first determine which tube you wish to fill.

Now, If you want to fill a lotion tube packaging, you will need an automated machine. The lotion tubes are flexible, and with this method, you can easily fill the lotion squeeze tubes. The product is pushed into the tube using the piston, and it’s filled from the base. Then the base of the tube is sealed with heat.

6. How secure are the contents in a lotion tube packaging?

The lotion tube packaging is a blessing in disguise as it’s harmless for the environment and keeps the contents stored in them secure. The structure of the lotions tubes is built to prevent oxidation, which extends the product’s shelf life. Plus, it helps in halting any kind of infiltration that may harm the product. The structure of the lotion tubes ensures that there’s no leakage or microbial growth.

Apart from the tubes, ThreeBamboo uses disc caps, PE thread caps, acrylic caps, PE renovate caps, PP caps. These caps ensure the product inside is completely safe and assure that it will remain so till the end. Be assured that your content stays intact and neatly packed within.

7. What kind of customisations for lotion tubes are available at ThreeBamboo?

The scope of variation at ThreeBamboo is not restricted to their products. The horizon of their creativity includes several customisations for the lotion tubes. Here are some of the decorative tech processes that expand the printing capabilities of ThreeBamboo.

  • Offset Printing:Offset printing is one of the most common methods opted for printing. The primary implication of this method is for printing logos and other graphic designs like cartoon characters or patterns, etc. Comparatively, it’s not a complex procedure. An inked image from a plate is transferred to a rubber blanket and then to the lotion tube.
  • Hot Stamping:The method was introduced back in 1970, but it’s a go-to method for decorating lotion squeeze tubes to this day. The procedure includes various steps like corona discharge on tubes, UV drying, UV printing, etc. The range of its utility covers several beauty products like lipsticks, mascara, foundations, lip glosses, and compact powders. It’s reliable and affordable, which makes it even better.
  • Silkscreen Printing:Silkscreen printing is another popular choice perfect for decorating the squeeze tubes for lotion with graphic elements. It can offer you some of the coolest results as it’s super glossy, and the finish is smooth. The method is quite effective, but the only downside is that it can be a little expensive for small orders.
  • Gradually Varied:The name of this process gives it away what you can expect from it. This decoration process is best suitable for multiple colour designs. It results in varied colours covering the lotion tube, and you get a unique looking product with great print quality.
  • Matte Surface:This is another decoration process that is worthy of appreciation. The matte surface is not a fingerprint magnet, and it’s scratch-free. Given a frosted surface, you will get to see some of the most amazing prints.
  • Light Surface:This decoration procedure works best for products like creams and moisturisers.

ThreeBamboo can undoubtedly provide you with the desired print and style with the wide assortment of printing tech and processes.

8. What are the dimensions of the lotion squeeze tubes?

The production span of ThreeBamboo is very vast, and it includes different kinds of tubes for different purposes. So naturally, the dimensions of these lotion tubes vary. If we talk about lotions tubes, in particular, the diameter varies between 16 to 60 mm. The standard volumes of the lotions squeeze tubes are 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml. You get all possible sizes so you can pick the one that serves you best.

9. How are these lotion tube packaging produced?

The procedure of producing lotion tubes is called extrusion. The following is the basic outline of this process:

Firstly, we take PE grain and, if needed, it’s mixed with colours. Then the extruder melts the resin and turns it into a collapsible form. Next comes the sizing dies; the collapsible material is moved through the die to give it the desired shape. Then, the tube is given the appropriate shape. For this, the tube is stretched to increase its length. In the process, it’s extended along until it reaches the guillotine cutter, which cuts off the appropriate size.

Next, we use moulding machines. These machines have heating plates and help soften the plastic. The tubes are placed into the moulding machine as softening the plastic makes squeezing the product out much easier. The machine has different sections, each responsible for creating different parts like caps, bottlenecks, etc. This concludes the production process of lotion tube packaging.

10. How much time does ThreeBamboo take for printing?

Printing is an elaborate process and involves various levels. It includes adjusting the printing ink, preparing the printing film, adjusting the machine, and lining up the printing. So for the complete process from preparation to finished, ThreeBamboo takes about 10 days.

11 What’s the difference between the structure of a 2 layer and 5 layer lotion tube packaging?

ThreeBamboo makes sure the quality of their products is top-notch, and that’s why they use the best quality material. We produce Mono-layer, Double-layer and Multi-layer tubes and the apparent difference among them is the number of layers and material used for these layers.

The 2 layer lotion tube packaging only has an inner and an outer layer. On the other hand, the 5 layer lotion tube consists of multiple layers. These are the outer layer, the adhesive layer, the isolated layer, the adhesive layer, and the inner layer. The cost of 5 layer lotion tube packaging is higher, but it adds to the product’s security inside them.

12. What are the possible pros and cons of Plastic laminated lotion tubes?

Plastic lotion tube packaging is popular for its wide range of utilities and benefits. These are the possible pros and cons!


  • The tubes are 100% recyclable and cause no harm to the environment when discarded.
  • They can help realise more colours and the clear tubes can reflect the colour of the contents stored in them.
  • They are less flexible since there’s a layer of adhesive used to stick the lamination.
  • There’s added protection from moisture and other environmental factors which can damage lotion tubes.
  • The lotion tubes are print-friendly, and the printing looks great on them.
  • The tubes do not lose their newness. No matter how much content is left inside, it always looks new.


  • The plastic layer prevents the lotion from contacting the tube and makes it difficult to squeeze out the product. So you need to press harder and use more strength which can be inconvenient for some people.
  • It’s a small amount of extra cost compared to regular tubes because the obstruct layer uses EVOH. The price of EVOH is 20 to 30% higher than other materials.
13. Why PE plastic is a popular preference in the market for making lotion tube packaging?

There are several reasons why PE plastic is as popular in the market as it is. The biggest reason is that it is eco-friendly and recyclable. Additionally, it offers a high-quality printing surface and can be used to realise a variety of colours. The tubes are also less flexible than other materials, but they add an extra layer of protection to the product inside them. Lastly, PE is a cost-effective option for mass production.

14. What are the other industries in which these lotion tubes are used?

The sustainable products manufactured by ThreeBamboo have the potential to serve various industries. If we talk about the lotion tubes, their utility expands to different sectors like pharmaceutical, medicine, haircare, painting, skincare,  food, chemicals, etc. Other than lotion, the empty tubes for lotion can be used for other products like shampoo, liquid body wash and shower gel.

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