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  • When it comes to fashion and beauty products, everyone longs for nature’s touch. Therefore, ThreeBamboo manufactures a variety of sustainable products, such as laminated tubes with intense care. Carrying a sense of responsibility and sincerity towards mother nature, we have been manufacturing and delivering laminated tubes since 2004.
  • ThreeBamboo features a 6500 square meter 3 layer workshop. To put things into perspective, it is equal to 68 football fields, and these workshops consist of high-tech machinery like a smoke machine, labelling machine, silk-screen printing machine, golden hot stamp printing machine, injection machine, automatic offset printing machine etc. Plus, strict quality control is incorporated in every step of production and packaging, ensuring that the product you receive is of supreme quality.
  • ThreeBamboo is one of those laminated tubes manufacturers that produce Lami tubes not just for cosmetics such as the hand cream tube but for many other sectors. You can get laminated tubes for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medicine, painting and many other industries. Our primary market is from North America and Europe.

The Reasons You Should Use Laminated Tube

  • The laminated tube is a biodegradable product that includes ABL (Aluminium-plastic laminated tubes), PBL (Plastic laminated tubes), and HGL (High glossy laminated tubes). These tubes are lightweight and easy to carry. Each type has some unique characteristics and offers greater utility.
  • These lami tubes are not bound by the shackles of a specific industry. The laminated tubes we manufacture are used in cosmetics, skincare, haircare, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, medicine, painting, and several other industries.
  • With chemical resistance properties, lami tubes offer prevention against oxygen, peculiar smell, and any possible infiltrations. The material used simply enhances the durability of the content stored in them.

Why Choose Three Bamboo Laminated Tubes?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
The production itself does not make a company valuable in the eyes of the customer; after-sale services matter as well. And ThreeBamboo skillfully handles both. The agile after-sale services coupled with strict quality control leaves no room for any doubt.
When it comes to printing, ThreeBamboo can do wonders with different decorations like silkscreen printing, offset printing, hot stamping, and labelling. Moreover, the utility of our products is not confined to beauty products. We have explored the depths of other industries too.
It does not matter where you are in the world; We are one of those laminated tubes manufacturers that has an extensive delivery network. Our primary market is Europe and North America, but we can ship our products all across the globe.
Coming to customer services, ThreeBamboo leaves no box unchecked. We are available 24/7 to cater to your requirements and grievances. Consult our packaging experts, and they will assist you in the buying process and the after-sale processes.

Laminated Tubes-The Fully FAQs

The knowledge base of laminated tubes here, you can learn more about the packaging, let’s get started.

1. What are laminated tubes?

Lami tubes are an excellent type of packaging that is highly versatile. The laminated tube has several layers combined together, each with a specified purpose. Further, the tube is extruded to give it the required shape. The layers provide protection to the tube as well as the contents stored in them.

Apart from that, the tubes can be manufactured from a variety of materials and with varying properties in terms of weight, gloss, colour etc. ThreeBamboo is one of the proud laminated tubes manufacturers that are used to store several products like shampoo, hand cream, lotions, gels, etc.

2. What are laminated tubes made of?

ThreeBamboo produces a variety of high-quality lami tubes. The laminated tubes are usually made from PE plastic or aluminium; however, the choice of material depends on the purpose of the tube.

Different industries use different types of lami tubes. So, these tubes are produced according to specific needs, which vary from industry to industry depending upon what product is being stored within it.

EVOH is primarily used in laminated tubes for added security and attractive looks. The material used in making lami tubes enhances their durability and resilience against environmental conditions. And the material also decides whether it’s completely recyclable or not.

3. What are various types of laminated tubes?

ThreeBamboo is one of the leading laminated tubes manufacturers. They provide their customers with lami tubes in different designs, forms, and shapes that are suitable for storing products in accordance with specific purposes. There are mainly three types of lami tubes:

  • ABL – Aluminium-plastic laminated tubes: These tubes are usually made of two materials: aluminium and plastic. The combination of these materials makes the tube strong and gives it a glossy finish. It helps prevent oxidation and any kind of infiltration. However, the aluminium-plastic laminated tubes are not 100% recyclable like the PE plastic tubes.
  • PBL – Plastic laminated tubes: Plastic lami tubes are made from PE plastic which is a biodegradable and non-hazardous material. They are simply the most popular ones mainly because they are 100% recyclable. The plastic laminated tubes are print-friendly, and the rebound of these tubes is excellent.
  • HGL – High glossy laminated tubes: As the name suggests, high glossy laminated tubes are made with a glossy finish. They are usually made of aluminium and plastic or PE plastic. The combination of these two materials makes the tube look more attractive and provides it with extra protection against external factors.
4. Can a laminated tube be recycled?

Yes, if the laminated tubes are made with PE plastic, then they are 100% recyclable. If we talk about aluminium-plastic laminated tubes, they are not recyclable.

At ThreeBamboo, you will get both types of laminated tubes. We manufacture high-quality and durable lami tubes that are print-friendly and environment-friendly as well. You can choose the type of lami tube you want based on your specific needs.

5. Are lami tubes safe?

Yes, lami tubes are safe. The material used in making them is usually PE plastic which is biodegradable and non-toxic. Another material is aluminium, and it’s a non-hazardous, fully recyclable material, which makes it 100% safe to use.

Talking about the product, it helps protect them from getting damaged and also prevents any kind of infiltration. Moreover, the combination of different materials in a laminated tube also strengthens it and makes it more durable against environmental factors.

6. What is the structure of lami tubes?

The structure of lami tubes is relatively easy to understand. The primary factor that differentiates the structure of any laminated tube is the number of layers. ThreeBamboo produces Mono-layer, Double-layer, and Multi-layer tubes. And these layers are made from different materials as per the implication of the tube. Now, let’s understand the structure.

The two-layer laminated tube has an outer layer of Virgin resin, and the inner layer is made from the combination of PE plastic and Virgin resin.

The structure of a three-layer lamination tube is made from PE plastic, EVOH, PE plastic.

Lastly, there’s the five-layer tube, and the layers are Virgin resin, adhesive, EVOH, adhesive, PE plastic + Virgin resin, respectively.

7. How do laminate tubes help in cutting down on pollution and waste?

Laminated tubes are environmentally friendly because they do not create any kind of waste. They are made from PE plastic which is 100% recyclable and non-hazardous in nature. The PE plastic does not contain any hazardous substances like phthalates or BPA, which makes them harmless to the environment. And, this is why lami tubes can be recycled to produce new products or materials without any damage to the environment.

ThreeBamboo strives to do its bit in serving mother nature with its sustainable products. Moreover, they exercise strict quality control, which helps keep the number of pollutants during the production process close to nothing.

8. Are lami tube print-friendly?

Yes, lami tubes are print-friendly. They allow you to print your desired graphics or designs on their surface without any issues. The colour fastens remarkably, and it gives some impressive end results. ThreeBamboo has various printing tech and decoration processes that can make your design last longer and keep it from fading away.

9.What are the possible advantages and disadvantages of Aluminum-Plastic lami tubes and 100% Plastic Lami tubes?
Type of tubeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Aluminium-Plastic lami tubesThe main advantage of Aluminum-Plastic lami tubes is that they can form a protective coating that protects the product from any kind of damage or degradation due to oxidation or other environmental factors.

Comparatively, getting the obstruct effect with the Aluminium uses less material.

The Plastic-lami tubes are great in terms of durability, but they cannot be recycled.

The tubes produced with this material are not clear. This means the contents inside the tubes cannot be seen through the tube-like in the PE clear tubes.

Plastic lami tubeThe most highlighting advantage of plastic lami tube is that it’s 100% recyclable.

The tubes can realise more colour and are compatible with multiple printing technologies.

Its rebound effect is also good; the tubes do not lose their newness regardless of the material left in them.

PE plastic does not contain any toxic substances, so it’s not harmful to the environment.

The primary disadvantage of a Plastic lami tube is that it costs a bit more than other materials. To have the obstructing effect, it uses EVOH, and the EVOH increases the overall costs by 20 to 30%.
10. What different printing services does ThreeBamboo provide?

As we mentioned before, the lami tubes are print-friendly. Like a blank canvas, ThreeBamboo takes the opportunity to realise their creativity on the tubes with the following printing services.

  • Offset Printing:It is one of the most preferred printing processes for printing patterns, cartoon characters, etc. Offset printing is preferred because it is affordable, and the end results are of superior quality. The printing method involves an inked image being transferred to a rubber blanket, and then it gets printed on the laminated tube. It can print 6 colours and is used for various decoration processes.
  • Silkscreen Printing:This is another effective method to decorate the laminated tubes with graphics. It provides a solid finish with an immersive effect on the printing, plus the in-hand feel of the tube is also good. The printing tech can print a maximum of 5 colours and leave a super glossy product. The only downside is that for smaller orders, this tech can cost you more.
  • Hot Stamping:Hot stamping is the ideal printing tech for the golden, shining, and laser printing effect. The printing style was introduced back in 1970 and is still the most dependable and affordable method out there. The various methods involved in this process are corona discharge on tubes, UV printing, UV drying, etc. It works best for beauty products like mascara, lipsticks, foundations, compact powders, lip glosses, etc.
11. What kind of designing printing file do I need to provide?

ThreeBamboo has formulated a proper procedure for gathering the information and completing the printing to avoid any inconsistencies in the print quality. Firstly, you need to provide an AI or CDR file based on the printing dimensions provided by us. Make sure your file contains a clear design with Pantone colour number. Then, a final file with be issued to confirm any adjustments from your side. Once that’s done, the printing procedure begins.

12. Why are some tubes shiny and some matte?

The reason some tubes are shiny and some matte is the surface treatment during the production procedure. In the manufacturing of laminated tubes, ThreeBamboo uses shining oil and matte oil, which decides the look and surface of the tubes.

The matte oil gives the laminated tube a luxurious look, but it’ll easily get dirty in the case of a white tube. On the contrary, the shining oil will leave a shiny surface, uplifting the print & design.

13. How long does it take for ThreeBamboo to do the printing?

ThreeBamboo has a carefully curated and detailed printing procedure involving various steps. Once you have submitted the AI or CDR design file and confirmations are made, we start the printing procedure.

The printing procedure begins with adjusting the ink and preparing the printing film. Then comes adjusting the printing machine and lining up the design file or image. This complete process from start to finish takes about 10 days. However, this period may vary as per the quantity of your order.

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