How To Choose The Packaging For Your Skincare Brand?

The beauty industry is on the rise, and so are the products made by the industry. However, the concern of plastic pollution has struck a question in the minds of the consumers – Is it safe to use these products?

The answer is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’ While some products are made of sustainable materials, others are not.

As a skincare brand, you must carefully consider your products’ packaging. The packaging should be safe for the environment, and it should also be able to protect your product from damage. At the same time, the packaging is also the first glimpse for the customer to know your brand. Choosing good packaging and a good printing design also represent your brand.

In this piece, we will uncover the key things you need to consider while choosing the packaging for your skincare products.

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What Are The Various Features of Excellent Skincare Packaging?

If you are a wholesale manufacturer, it is critical to ensure that the chosen skincare packaging is made safe for the products.

Ability to handle acidic content

The first thing that you need to consider is the ability of the packaging to handle acidic content. Many skincare products, like fruit-based products, contain acids, and if the packaging is not able to handle these, it can lead to damage. Usually, metal-based containers like tin degrade the product and the packaging on coming in contact with the acid-based product.


The second most crucial factor that a packaging manufacturer of skincare product manufacturers has to keep in mind is the material. Just like tin which is metal, it is not ideal for all types of skincare packaging.

There are materials that are specific to some functionality, and skincare products need to be shielded from the harsh outside environment. Hence, the materials that have specific functionality are ideal for shielding the skincare product.

For example, colored glass bottles like amber glass bottles are ideal for protecting the skin care product from UV light.

Light blocking capacity

The third factor is the light-blocking capacity of the packaging. Many skincare products are light-sensitive, and they need to be protected from exposure to sunlight or any other artificial light source.

For example, vitamin C serums are very light-sensitive, and they need to be packed in an amber glass bottle that can protect them from exposure to sunlight.

Size and shape

The fourth factor is the size and shape of the packaging. The skincare product should fit well in the packaging, and there should be enough space for the product to move around. For example, if you are packing a face cream in a jar, the cream should not touch the sides or the lid of the jar. There should be enough space for the cream to move around so that it does not get spoiled.

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The fifth factor is leak-proofing. Many skincare products are in liquid form and need to be packed in leak-proof containers.

This is because even a small leakage can lead to wastage of the product as well as damage to the surrounding area. Hence, it is essential to choose packaging that is

leak-proof. Airless products from ThreeBamboo are the best for storing products without leakage and waste.


The sixth factor is eco-friendliness. With the elevating awareness of climate change and global warming, many consumers are now looking for skincare products that are packed in eco-friendly packaging.

This is because the packaging of the skincare product can have a significant impact on the environment. Hence, it is essential to choose packaging that is made of sustainable materials.

For example, glass bottles can be recycled and reused, and they are also biodegradable. This makes them an ideal choice for eco-friendly packaging. Bamboo packaging is another great type of eco-friendly option.


The seventh factor is portability. Many skincare products are used while traveling, and they need to be packed in packaging that is easy to carry around and bring on plane

For example, small glass bottles are easy to carry around, and they can be placed in a purse or a backpack. Similarly, bamboo packagings are also easy to carry around, and it can be stacked easily.

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How To Buy Package From Supplier?

Now that you know the different factors you need to consider while choosing skincare packaging, the next step is finding a wholesale supplier who can provide you with the right type of packaging.

Pick up your potential target skincare packaging

First of all, choose the ideal packaging based on your business’s requirements. It can be a jar, bottle, tube, etc. Check all the specifications that you need in the packaging. Once you have shortlisted the skincare packaging, it is time to find a supplier.

Search the supplier on Google with keywords

Use a keyword tool to shortlist the targeted keywords related to your product packaging. When you have the required keywords with you. Search Google for eligible suppliers and find a way to contact them online.

Request sample from the supplier

Most of the wholesale packaging suppliers provide samples of their packaging. ThreeBamboo is one of those manufacturers that offer samples of the products. Hence, if you are about to place a large order, order packaging samples from the supplier. Usually, suppliers offer free samples of standard products. If you need a bespoke sample, you need to provide the full artwork design and pay the supplier bespoke sample fee; they will assist with your ideal sample.

Order bulk packages from the supplier

When you get the sample and you are satisfied with the sample, you can place a bulk order of the packaging to the manufacturer.

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Ideal Materials To Use In Skincare Packaging!

As described, the contents of a skincare product are sensitive. Hence, they need to be stored in packaging that does not affect their integrity. Here are some of the packaging materials that you can use.


Glass is a great material for storing skincare products. This is because glass is inert and does not react with the contents of the skincare product.

This means that the skincare product will retain its shelf life and will not get spoiled. Glass is also an eco-friendly choice and can be recycled and reused. The most common type of glass used in making skincare product packaging is borosilicate glass, soda-lime glass, and treated soda-lime glass.


Bamboo is another great material to use for skincare packaging. This is because bamboo is a sustainable material, and it is biodegradable.

This means that bamboo packaging will not have a negative impact on the environment. Bamboo packaging is also light in weight and easy to carry around. It grows faster than wood and can be used repeatedly.


Plastic is another popular material that is used to make skincare packaging. This is because plastic is durable and can be molded into different shapes.

Though it is not an environment-friendly choice, there are some variants of plastic that are recyclable. PET, PE, and PP plastic are the most common types of plastic used in skincare packaging.

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How Is Bamboo Better?

Bamboo is one of a kind material that is super effective for storing skincare products in various ways, such as

  • Renewable: Unlike other materials, bamboo is renewable and can be used even after it is damaged. It can be turned into fine bits and burned.
  • Faster to grow: Unlike other materials, Bamboo grows faster, and it is easy to make products out of it.
  • Eco-friendly: As bamboo is grass, it can absorb 5 times more carbon than regular plants. Hence, reducing the carbon footprints.
  • Beautiful: Bamboo has a natural appearance like wood, providing a luxurious look. Hence, making it aesthetically pleasing.
  • Durable: Bamboo may look weaker, but it is not. Bamboo is malleable and can take 3x more load as compared to steel.

What Are The Various Types Of Skincare Packagings Available At ThreeBamboo?

ThreeBamboo is one of the prime manufacturers of various types of skincare packaging, such as

1. Bamboo Cosmetic Package: This type of packaging is made from bamboo and is primarily used for storing skincare products. It is durable and has a natural look.

2. PE Cosmetic Tube: This type of packaging is made from plastic and is made recyclable. Hence, the plastic used in it can be reused after the product has depleted. It is durable and has a sleek look.

3. Airless Bottle: This type of packaging is made from plastic and is mainly used for storing liquid skincare products. It is airtight and has a pump that helps in dispensing the product,which is clean and without waste

4. Glass Essential Oil Bottle: This packaging is made from glass and is basically used to store essential oils. It has a dropper that helps in dispensing the product. It is available in various colors at ThreeBamboo, such as black, green, red, amber, and more.

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The packaging of a skincare product is as important as the product itself. This is because the packaging protects the product from damage and ensures its shelf life. Various materials can be used to make skincare packaging, such as glass, bamboo, plastic, and more.

Bamboo is one of the prime manufacturers of skincare packaging. We use high-quality materials to make our products. If you are looking for eco-friendly packaging, bamboo packaging is the best option. It’s renewable and biodegradable.

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