How to bespoke our brand logo on the cosmetic package?

As a skin care brand, your logo directly represents your brand value, which is a sign for customers to remember you, bespoke logo, now there are several mainstream methods

Laser Engraving Logo:

For bamboo cosmetic packaging, laser engraving is the first choice, the effect of laser engraving on bamboo is very natural and very oriental.The carving of the bamboo package is divided into 2 parts。

  • one is the carving on the lid, this carving is flat:The complexity of the engraved artwork determines the time of laser, then the fee is charged according to the time, we need to ensure the clarity of the pattern, sometimes it may need to engrave 2 times.
  • Another is the carving of the bottle, this carving is required to rotate, this carving takes a long time, some bottles may take 2 minutes or longer to rotate a circle, this is related to the complexity of the drawing and the diameter of the bottle, the price is also relatively high, but the carved effect is luxury and natural,see the below bamboo dropper bottle laser process
  • The benefit of laser engraving is that there is no quantity limit, no matter how much you need, we can provide it, and there is no set-up cost.
  • The size of the laser engraving, we can adjust directly on the machine according to the size of the bottle, there is no other cost expense, which is different from screen printing. Screen printing requires one payment for each film opened

Screen Printing:

  • Screen printing is a very popular and widespread printing method
  • Screen printing as long as the color number, you can print different out of many colors, but our advice is that the maximum is 2 colors, otherwise the printing scrap rate will increase, causing some unnecessary waste
  • The advantage of screen printing is that it is suitable for larger quantity printing, the price will be cheaper, and the printing speed is faster than engraving
  • If your product size is large and the quantity is small, then screen printing is not the right choice for youScreen printing for cream jar

UV Printing:

UV printing is the rapid rise of small batch custom printing in recent years, printing colorful, personalized strong, but the disadvantage is that the price is very expensiveIf your product size is large and the quantity is small, then screen printing is not the right choice for you.

uv printing on the bottle



  • Labeling is a very popular way to label your bottles by applying a pre-printed film to them. If the quantity is large, you can use machine labeling, if the quantity is small, you can use manual labeling.
  • The disadvantage is that if the quantity is very small, the label needs a certain MOQ

labeling on the cream jar

These are a few of the more popular methods of logo customization, you can choose and design according to your own actual situation.Hope this helps



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