How do you choose the right closure size for your bottle?

Some customers often ask: I want a bamboo lotion pump or a bamboo spray pump for 100ml bottles. Here the customer overlooks a very important piece of information, which is the thread of the bottle. 100ml is not a valid piece of information to determine the correct cap size. When we ask the customer what screw threads you need for the lotion pump, the customer has no idea about it. So we will show you how to identify the screw thread of the bottle so that you can find the right cap:

Usually, the screw opening of the bottle is composed of two numbers, such as 18/410; 20/410; 24/410.Here is an example of 18/410, what do 18 and 410 stand for respectively?

  • 18: Diameter of the closure or bottle opening
  • 410:Glass Packaging Institutes (GPI) thread finish and refers to the height of the cap and the style of the threads on the closure or bottle
  • 18/410 is a closure size has a diameter of 18mm and fits a bottle with a 410 GPI thread finishneck finish
Some neck sizes are interchangeable. For instance, a 20/410 closure will usually fit on a 20/400 bottle.Also, 410 and 415 are usually interchangeable if the closure is not tamper evident. Here is a youtube video to show you how to measure the bottle neck. Hope the article and the video can help you to know more about your package.
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