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  • The cosmetic industry has been on an upsurge and its growth in the coming years is no joke either—the rapidly increasing number of brands all over the world seconds this fact. ThreeBamboo realises the imminent growth and is trying to make the world a better place with eco-friendly products and packaging solutions. You can call us the flag bearer of this moment as we started manufacturing hand cream tube packaging back in 2004.
  • ThreeBamboo is among the best manufacturers, and the products include a wide range of biodegradable PE tubes and other environmentally friendly products. Coming to the packaging, we offer private label and personalised packaging services. In our arsenal, we also have offset printing, silkscreen printing, hot stamping, labelling, and other decoration options.
  • In the last 17 years, ThreeBamboo has completely revolutionised the way hand cream tubes are made. Carrying the essence of being eco-friendly, we have been delivering quality products ever since. Our 3 layers of the workshop expand to an area of 6500 sq meters. To give you a perspective, it is equal to 68 football fields. This is what makes us the pioneers of hand cream tube packaging manufacturers.

Hand Cream Tube Packaging-ThreeBabmoo is Your Choice

Hand Cream Tube Packaging
  • Talking about the quality of the products, ThreeBamboo uses natural and renewable materials to make their products. As far as the hand cream tubes are concerned, they are made with PE plastic which is easily recyclable.
  • The tubes have 5 layers to prevent oxygen and the peculiar smell of infiltration. Despite the added layers and extra protection, the PE tubes are very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Another cool feature of the hand cream tube packaging is its compatibility with printing tech. This means you can get customised labels printed on the surface with ease. The material really enhances the colour, and it doesn’t fade away easily.

Why Choose Three Bamboo Hand Cream Tube Packaging?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
The utilisations of hand cream tubes are vast. Our products are used in cosmetics, skincare, haircare, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, medicine, painting, and several other industries. The implications and possibilities are nearly endless.
ThreeBambo has strict quality control practised at every level of packaging and delivery, which ensures that the product you receive is of the utmost quality. Quality control coupled with reliable customer support is the epitome of customer satisfaction.
ThreeBamboo works with every form of delivery service. We make product deliveries all across the globe. You can get your order by sea, air, or via door-to-door express service. This is what makes us truly accessible and pervasive.
ThreeBamboo boasts a team of knowledgeable engineers, cosmetic packaging experts, and advanced machinery. The three-layer workshop includes a printing machine, silk-screen printing machine, golden hot stamp printing machine, labelling machine etc.

Hand Cream Tube Packaging- The Definitive Buying Guide

1. What is the hand cream tube packaging?

Hand cream tube packaging is widely used for several fashion and beauty products. Other than hand cream, the tubes also promise the safety of the contents like gels, lotion, and moisturisers stored in them.

The hand cream tubes are available on-demand at ThreeBamboo as per your requirement. The tubes produced by ThreeBamboo surpass the realm of beauty products and are used in other industries like hair care, food, pharmaceuticals, painting, chemicals, etc.

2. What material is used to make hand cream tubes?

The material used to make any product is as important as the product itself because it determines the quality and longevity of the product. It is essential to ensure that the material used is safe. ThreeBambo uses two types of materials to make hand cream tube packaging. These are:

  • PE Plastic:ThreeBamboo makes hand cream tubes from PE plastic. PE stands for polyethylene, and it is a popular choice for making various products due to its eco-friendly nature. The main benefit of using PE plastic is that they are easily recyclable. If needed, we also manufacture PCR tubes.
  • Aluminium and Plastic:Another interesting hand cream tube packaging that ThreeBamboo produce is the Aluminium-Plastic lami tubes. The middle layer of such tubes is of aluminium and the other layers are of plastic. This combination gives it added security and an attractive appearance.

Apart from these, there is another material that is used to make hand cream tube packaging.

  • Aluminium:It’s a popular material used for making hand cream tubes. Aluminium is used for several products like jars, tubes, bottles, etc. Its implication is popular because aluminium is recyclable. ThreeBamboo does not produce aluminium tubes.
3. Are PE hand cream tubes safe to use?

Yes, the hand cream tube packaging is safe to use because PE material is non-hazardous and does not contain phthalates. Moreover, PE plastic is BPA free and doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. The use of PE plastic is a step in the right direction to maintain the health of our earth.

ThreeBamboo ensures that its products are tested for durability, strength, efficiency, safety, and other parameters before supplying them to its clients. We actively demonstrate our concern towards mother nature through our sustainable products.

4. What are the benefits of the hand cream tubes packaging?

Hand cream tube packaging has several benefits over other forms of packaging and storage. Here are some of them:

  • The time taken to fill any product in the container is less as compared to other containers.
  • Their compact nature makes them easy to carry and use.
  • The hand cream tube packaging is safe for the environment as they are made from PE plastic which is eco-friendly.
  • The tubes are compatible with several printing technologies, and the surface allows for a durable colour finish.
  • They are durable and long-lasting containers, capable of storing any liquid for many years with minimum chance of leakage.
  • Hand cream tube packaging is available in different colours, sizes, and shapes, so they can be designed according to the product they store inside them and the customer’s requirement.
5. Is the hand cream tube packaging recyclable?

Yes, if you choose 100% PE tube, the hand cream tube packaging is recyclable, and that’s what makes it unique. You get to see several products in the market that are hazardous to mother nature because of the material used for their production. But the material of the hand cream tube packaging is biocompatible, so there is no harm done to nature when these tubes are discarded.

PE plastic is the most recyclable material on earth. ThreeBamboo ensures that all its products are recyclable, so they can be used repeatedly before throwing off. We do our bit in keeping the earth green by making sustainable products.

6. What is the structure of the hand cream tube packaging?

There’s no rocket science involved here; it’s pretty simple to understand. The structure of the hand cream tube packaging consists of three layers: PE plastic, EVOH, and PE plastic. The outermost and the innermost layers are made of PE plastic because of the material’s non-reactive nature. They add safety to both the tube and the beauty product.

Coming to the middle layer that is made of EVOH, it is used to prevent the product from any kind of atmospheric damage. To put it simply, the use of EVOH enhances the shelf life of the products like creams or lotions kept in them. All these three layers are attached with the help of an adhesive layer.

7. What are the dimensions of the hand cream tube packaging?

As we mentioned earlier, ThreeBamboo manufactures various kinds of tubes, so naturally, the dimensions of each are subject to vary. As far as our hand cream tube packaging is concerned, their diameter ranges from 16mm to 60mm. So, there are several options to satisfy your requirements. The hand cream tubes come in various volumes such as 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml.

8. What is the need to use PE hand cream tubes?

The material used for making the hand cream tube packaging is recyclable, which makes it safe to use. One of the best features that come with these containers is that they are impact resistant. One does not have to worry about leakage, spillage, breakage, etc. The material ensures that the product stays fresh.

PE plastic does not emit any harmful chemicals when used for a long time or discarded. These tubes can even withstand light falls and bumps, so no harm comes to the product inside them.

9. Are there any minimum orders?

ThreeBamboo is a proud producer of environmentally non-toxic products. One such product is hand cream tube packaging. We start the production only after the orders from the customers are confirmed to save resources and production time.

As per the MOQ (minimum order quantity), you need to order at least 10000 units to get your order. So, it’s best that you place the order in advance so that you can get them by the preferred time.

10. Is there any upfront amount that I need to pay while placing an order?

At ThreeBamboo, we have a straightforward order and payment procedure for minimum inconvenience. As we mentioned previously, we start the production only after receiving the confirmation of the order. Once we receive your approval, you will need to pay an upfront amount that is 30% of the order amount. So, to answer the question, yes, there is an upfront payment, and the amount depends on your order.

11. Can I get some sample products from ThreeBamboo?

Yes, ThreeBamoo provides samples if needed. It’s understandable that customers have different needs and preferences for their branding and design. We are there to incorporate your requirements and provide you with the desired product samples.

If you want to get free samples, you firstly need to inform us whether the sample you need is one of our standard products or not. You can get the samples for the standard products for free, but you will have to pay the shipping charges.

On the contrary, if you need a sample for a customised hand cream tube packaging, it will cost you $100 a piece plus shipping charges. The samples will be dispatched once the shipping charges are paid.

12. What payment methods are accepted at ThreeBamboo, and what if I don’t have the listed methods?

ThreeBamboo has made a no-hassle payment structure, ensuring that our customers face no problems in this regard. Every payment is split between an upfront amount and then the final payment. The upfront amont is 30% of the order. You are supposed to pay this amount while placing the order. You are given a lead time, and the remaining 70% of the payment is paid right before the shipment.

Coming to the payment methods, ThreeBamboo offers two methods, these are:

  • PayPal
  • Swift

You have these methods both for your commercial and bulk orders. However, for any reason, if you are not comfortable with the listed methods, you can always inform us. We will make sure to provide you with a suitable solution.

13. What are different decorations tech processes used to realise our design of the hand cream tube packaging?

The variations at ThreeBamboo are not limited to making standard hand cream tubes only. Our creative variations extend to printing and packaging as well.

ThreeBamboo features plenty of decorative tech processes capable of making customisations possible.

  • Offset printing:It is primarily used for printing logos and graphic designs such as patterns, cartoons, characters, etc. Offset printing is a commonly used printing method. The process involves the transfer of an inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to the hand cream bottle.
  • Silkscreen printing:Another method that allows you to decorate the hand cream tubes with graphic elements. The printing tech is super glossy and uplifts the overall design of the hand cream tube packaging with a flair. The only possible con is that it’s a bit expensive for small orders; otherwise, the results are very cool.
  • Hot stamping:It is considered a to go method to decorate the hand cream tube packaging. Even though it was introduced in 1970, it is still one of the most reliable and affordable methods out there. The spectrum of its implications includes several beauty products like lipsticks, mascara, foundations, lip glosses, and compact powders. The method involves various steps such as corona discharge on tubes, UV printing, UV drying, etc.
  • Matte surface:Matt surface is an impressive decoration process, and it can provide some of the coolest results with a frosted surface. The highlighting feature of the matt surface has to be that it is scratch and fingerprint free.
  • Gradually varied:Just like its name, the gradually varied decoration process results in varying colours across the surface of the hand cream. It simply gives a unique and attractive finish.
  • Light surface:Light surface is a process of decoration that is a significant pick for products like moisturisers and creams.
14. How do they deal with grievances and damaged products?

At ThreeBamboo, your grievances are addressed with utmost priority. If you receive the order with damaged products, we are more than happy to get it replaced for you. All you need to do is inform us with proof of the products being damaged and let us handle the rest. Typically a replacement package is offered with your next order for hand cream tube packaging.

15. What shipping services are used to deliver the products?

Having a global presence, we have a wide range of shipment options. For the small orders, we prefer air or express with our providers FedEx, UPS, TNT, and DHL. The large orders are usually shipped via sea for added security. We ensure that there is no obstruction in your products reaching you because we value our customers’ satisfaction to the utmost extent.

Like the payment methods, we can arrange a delivery from another shipment service that works best for you. Moreover, We have maintained excellent relations with shipping services providers via sea, land, or air. So, it doesn’t matter your order is small or a huge one; we’ve got you covered.

16. What is the lead time of ThreeBamboo?

We have a global client base, and it takes time for us to deliver overseas orders. And we provide a lead time to ensure the production time and delivery. The lead time of ThreeBamboo for hand cream tubes is 25 days. This lead time starts once you make the 30% upfront amount payment.

The lead time is also subject to vary as per the customers’ specific requirements regarding printing and customisation. Everything is done with close communication with the clients, and we make sure you get the hand cream tube packaging of superior quality.

17. What is the production capacity of ThreeBamboo?

The three layers of workshops at ThreeBamboo makes it capable of producing high-quality products. As far as the hand cream tube packaging is concerned, ThreeBamboo can produce 50,000 pieces per 12 hours extrude tubes. So, no matter how large your order is, our advanced production capacity can get it done for you without any hiccups.

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