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Expand Your Market With The Aesthetic Gold Dropper Bottle!

ThreeBamboo Provides a lot of style dropper bottle , you can find your package here
Figure 1-Gold dropper bottle

Why Choose ThreeBamboo Gold Dropper Bottle?

  • Essential oils or tinctures are highly concentrated and need to be used wisely. Also, there is a need for a controlled dispensing system. ThreeBamboo’s high-quality gold dropper bottle adequately serves the purpose.
  • As a wholesale manufacturer, we have to take utmost care of the quality. Therefore, we fetch the best material for making the gold dropper bottles. Quality is our first priority, whether fetching materials or producing the bottles.
  • Our advanced machines, professional workforce, and smooth workflow allow us to deliver our esteemed customers the best products and services.

Gold Dropper Bottle Benefits

  • Gold dropper bottles are primarily used for aesthetics. As gold color is more tempting than any other, it provides a luxurious look to the bottle. It shines under light and looks beautiful while arranged on your shelf.
  • Furthermore, the gold dropper bottle is available in two types. You can either have an entirely gold dropper bottle or request a bottle with only gold droppers.Besides the gold, ThreeBamboo also provides different colors dropper bottle.
  • It can be used to store essential oils along with other products, such as perfumes, serums, and more.
  • The glass used to make gold dropper bottles is borosilicate, ensuring zero hampering of product quality. Hence, your beauty products are always safe.


Figure 2-Gold dropper bottle
Figure 3-Gold dropper bottle

Besides Good Gold Dropper Bottle, We Also Provide Good Service

  • To ensure that we always stay on top of our competitors, we back our products with professional customer service. So, if you have any issues regarding our gold dropper bottle, you can instantly let our professional support team know.
  • If you have any problem with our delivered products, you can let our support team know, and they can assist you well. Make sure you provide evidence if your product is bad.
  • Lastly, we provide OEM services. It means that we can provide customized products to you based on your brand requirements.

Why Choose ThreeBamboo?

glass bottle production process

We have a big glass bottle plant supplier to support our products supplying, they do the 24h continuous production and with experienced production experience.

All the finished products are packed into pallet to protect the glass, which is convenient to load into container or shipping by truck. For small glass bottle ,will pack into carton, sell one carton at least to avoid breaking

During the production process of the products, we will constantly carry out sampling and do vacuum testing of the products to ensure that the glass bottle is without  bubble and not breaking

Only when the vacuum test is qualified, the glass bottle is considered a qualified product, which can prevent leakage and ensure that the glass bottle can effectively protect your products.


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Gold Dropper Bottle---FAQs Buying Guide

Buying a product from any company can be tough. We understand that, and here is a guide regarding every initial query you may have with us.
1. What Is The Primary Application Of A Gold Dropper Bottle?

The main reason to choose a gold dropper bottle is its aesthetics. These bottles have a classic and luxurious look that makes them perfect for essential oils and other cosmetic products.

Usually, it is used to store small amounts of less viscous liquids like serums, essential oils, toner, etc.

2. What Is The Minimum Order Requirement For A Gold Dropper Bottle?

The demand differs from one order to another, so the minimum order is not fixed. Depending on your specific gold dropper bottle design, you may ask the sales team for the MOQ.

3. How Do You Color The Bottle Gold?

The bottles are colored gold via the electroplating process at ThreeBamboo. Electroplating is a method that uses an electric current to coat the surface of the bottle with a thin layer of metal. A negative and positive end of the circuit is established, and the current is passed through a metal salt solution.

This creates a chemical-electric reaction that deposits a thin layer of gold (metal in this case) onto the bottle’s surface. You can choose to get the gold electroplating done on the entire bottle or just on the cap of the dropper bottle.

4. Do You Provide Samples Of Gold Dropper Bottles?

Yes, of course, as gold dropper bottle suppliers, we understand that you may need to see a sample before making a large purchase. We will be glad to ship samples of our gold dropper bottles so that you get the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you are getting before you make a large purchase. Simply contact us and let us know that you need a sample.

5. Do I Have To Pay For The Samples?

The gold dropper bottle samples are free of charge. However, as our customers are from around the world, you will be liable to pay shipping and handling charges.

6. How Do You Handle Shipping?

We have virtually every sort of shipping procedure for you because we deliver gold dropper bottles all over the world. However, the mode of shipping you select may vary depending on the type of order you place.

We work with several shipping companies, including air, sea, and land services. We’ll select the most cost-effective shipping method for you, no matter what your preference is.

Because it is the most cost-effective alternative, if you have a large purchase, it will be sent by water. If you order a smaller quantity, it will be sent by air or express through FedEx, UPS, DHL, and TNT.

7. What Is The Production Time For A Gold Dropper Bottle?

We understand the importance of timely delivery and the effort required to achieve it. As we are one of the best gold dropper bottle suppliers, we make sure that your order is tailored to fit all of your specific demands. As a result, completing your order will take approximately 25-30 days.

8. Can I Get The Gold Dropper Bottle Customized?

Sure, we understand how important it is to customize your gold dropper bottle to promote your brand. This is why we offer to print the label of your brand’s name, logo, or any other design you may want on the bottle.

9. How Is A Gold Dropper Bottle Different From The Other Bottles?

A standard and a gold dropper bottle are similar in many aspects except for aesthetics. The gold dropper bottle is a beautiful and elegant-looking container that makes your product look expensive and classy. It looks gorgeous under the light as it has a lovely sheen.

10. How Do I Pay For The Order?

It is simple to understand ThreeBamboo’s payment structure. All orders follow the same procedure, whether for small orders or a bulk order of glass dropper bottles. You must pay 30% in advance and the remaining amount when the package is ready to be sent.

Clients Feedback

We have cooperated with a lot of clients, from skincare brands, organic homemade business, start-up brands, let's see their feedback to know more about ThreeBamboo!
  • star star star star
    ThreeBamboo has very responsible sales team who keep us regularly informed about the production of our orders, making me feel as if I were seeing the production myself. The strict quality control team and sales service team solve the problem of quality control for overseas purchases.
    ---Karen B.
  • star star star
    During the shipping process, the product was broken, when we received the broken product, we gave feedback to threebamboo and they immediately responded to the quality issue by replacing our broken product in the next order, this way of solving the problem makes us think that it is very reassuring to work with such a supplier.
  • star star star star star
    I really like their packaging, especially their bamboo packaging, very natural, good-looking, environmentally friendly. We are always looking for environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging materials that cause as little environmental pollution as possible, and finding ThreeBamboo has brought our branding goals closer to fruition!
    ---Lisa Murphy
  • star star star star
    We are just a start-up company, in the beginning the purchase quantity is not very big, we communicate with ThreeBamboo in depth this, after understanding, they gave us a very big support in some stock items, give us a lot of packaging advice and marketing plan, with such suppliers grow together is a very rare peer on the business road
    ---Beck L.

ThreeBamboo Is Your Trustful Packaging Solution Provider

We have  over 15 years of experience in the production of packaging materials as well as good customer service capabilities. Growing together with our customers, we know deeply that good products and good customer service are the fundamentals of our business.

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