Cosmoprof Asia 2023-An Overview

CosmoProf Asia-2023

In 14-17TH,Nov, 2023, CosmoProf Asia come back again after 3 years pausing.

This show is the largest beauty show in Asia-Pacific, with two pavilions held at the same time, which together host this great beauty show.

In AsiaWorld-Expo,The main packaging materials on display are still mainly from Chinese packaging material suppliers, but also Japanese and Korean suppliers. Regarding the packaging materials on display, there are some big highlights in this exhibition:

First of all, more and more companies have introduced environmentally friendly materials, recyclable plastic raw materials, which mainly caters to the current concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, will be a number of biodegradable components, gradually introduced into the cosmetic packaging materials, breaking the original traditional concept of environmental protection, which shows that environmental protection has been in the hearts of the people, and everyone in the environmental protection of cosmetic packaging to make progress!

Secondly, the birth of interchangeable packaging. Replaceable pack is not strange, but this packaging in the previous is mainly used in color cosmetics, but not very expanded use, now replaceable pack gradually introduced into the skin care line, which is a new highlight of the environmental protection packaging, in the case of plastic can not be completely replaced, to reduce the plastic discarded, reuse of plastic, but also environmental protection is also very important in the action of the ring.

Again, bamboo is still a major highlight of the environmental protection suit, bamboo packaging simple, but not strong changeability, but with a variety of replaceable suit out of the world, as well as the application of recycled plastics, and the combination of bamboo, environmental protection and aesthetics perfect combination of the high-end cosmetic packaging and completed a bit of innovation.

In HongKong Convention and Exhibition Centre,The exhibitors’ categories are relatively wide, we here focus on skincare brands, as always, natural skincare is the main focus of this exhibition, focusing on the naturalness of the products, but also focus on the environmental protection of the packaging, from different countries around the world, there are the United States, Germany, Latvia, Australia, Poland, South Korea, Japan and so on. A full range of brands from skincare, beauty, oral and other aesthetics and health were on display in a big explosion of brands. There are a lot of new brands emerging compared to 3 years ago.

Let’s looking forward the next edition exhibition 2024!

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