CiE 2023 In Hangzhou

2023 CiE Hangzhou will be held in Hangzhou on February 22-24, 2023,This is the second exhibition of CiE, on February 22, 2023, we visited the exhibition and stood on the first line to feel the information of the beauty industry, the packaging industry. Before due to the impact of covid-19, many exhibitions have received the impact, can not be held as scheduled, or many exhibitors or viewers can not come as scheduled, with the end of the Spring Festival 2023, all major exhibitions are in full swing, the beauty exhibition is more instantly restored to the lively.

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This time we mainly talk about the trend of the exhibits in the packaging materials exhibition area, packaging materials this time a total of two halls, one is 3B, one is 3C, next I give you a brief overview of the trend of packaging materials:



More and more brand in China market using the bamboo/wood cap on the package, because bamboo cosmetic package cost high, all bamboo jar is not accepted for all kinds of brands, but only bamboo lid or bamboo dropper, the usage is increasing.  Especially in the aromatherapy packaging, they even use the bamboo cap without any plastic, bamboo or wood are still with the function of spreading the smell6191677149735 .pic

PETG(Polyethylene terephthalate glycol)

High-grade packaging materials are increasing, such as PETG, before the very brand will use PET, but now more and more brands began to choose PETG, PETG from the appearance of more like glass, transparency will be higher, from the appearance and feel are better than PET, PETG compared to the glass, low temperature tolerance will be stronger, can do -20 related to the low temperature does not break, is a lot of It is the choice of high-end packaging material for many high-end brands.


PMU is an inorganic degradable plastic with calcium carbonate as the main component,its main benefits are like below, which is a new eco-friendly material for cosmetic packaging usage, the material is a trend in these years, more and more customers accept the material, but there is also some disadvantages, that is the MOQ is too much, 10,000pcs at least,so not for small brand, they can not accept the quantity at current stage

  • Can directly replace traditional plastic masterbatch
  • Can be incinerated without toxic gas emission
  • Degradable after use
  • Zero emissions in the production process

PCR (post-consumer recycled)

PCR is a method that uses recycled plastics for reuse in recent years. By recycling used plastic bottles, after reprocessing, they meet the packaging standards and then reuse them again. However, this kind of packaging material also has shortcomings, that is, the transparency is not high enough, and the material feels soft. The current acceptance of brands with relatively high packaging requirements is not high, but it is a very good brand for a brand that sticks to the concept of environmental protection. Good choice

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Because PLA is a completely degradable plastic, it has a very high degree of international recognition. Our threebamboo is also constantly trying to combine with PLA packaging, so that PLA and bamboo are combined, while being environmentally friendly, it breaks the monotony of plastic and the single visual sense of packaging, and coexists with environmental protection and beauty.

Refill Package

So far, there are still many functions that plastics cannot replace. Of course, there are already some degradable plastics, but due to the high cost, it is still difficult for many brands to accept and apply them to product packaging, so Now refills have become another new trend, which is to make a refill. When your product is used up, you can just buy a refill and put it back in the container. This has greatly reduced the use of plastics to a certain extent, and has made great progress for the environmental protection and sustainable development of the packaging material industry

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Eco-friendly  and sustainable development are still the theme of packaging, and it is also a major trend in the future. ThreeBamboo Package will continue to move forward on this sustainable packaging road


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