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  • One-Stop-Shop: Three Bamboo is a prominent manufacturing company in the space of cosmetic packaging. We can produce various kinds of bamboo spray bottle packaging depending on your product like toners, mists, lotion, serum, perfumes, moisturizers, cleansers, and more. You can even select from our range of OEM packaging too.
  • Our Clientele: From North America to Europe and the Middle East as well as Asia, our audience ranges across the world. On top of it, we currently use 50+ digital machines to conform to the rising costs of packaging in the worldwide market by reaching to brands that are small to large-sized.
  • Our Clientele: From North America to Europe and the Middle East as well as Asia, our audience ranges across the world. On top of it, we currently use 50+ digital machines to conform to the rising costs of packaging in the worldwide market by reaching to brands that are small to large-sized.

Bamboo Spray Bottle-Sustainability and Luxury

Figure 1-Bambo Spary Bottle
  • Market Your Brand in Eco-Conscious Packaging: Three Bamboo has a bestseller bamboo spray bottle that can help your cosmetic product stay in packaging that’s less harmful on the planet. It helps to reduce plastic waste with sustainability that you can very well start advertising to affect more target audiences.
  • Build Your Own Packaging: You can choose from bamboo plus plastic or glass or even substitute the inner bottle with a bamboo shell or spray bottle on Three Bamboo to make your own unique packaging.
  • Eco-Friendly Spray Pumps: Sleeve spray pumps made of Bamboo for cosmetic packaging  that you can use to replace the usual plastic spray top to make your cosmetic packaging perfectly eco-friendly too.

Bamboo Spray Bottle Category

Figure 2-Glass Liner Bamboo Spray Bottle

This item is most good-looking bamboo spray bottle with engraving on the body

Figure 3-Rounder Shoulder Glass Bottle with Bamboo Spray Pump

For using to fill the toner and group with the round shoulder dropper bottle

Figure 4-Flat Shoulder Glass Bottle with Bamboo Spray Pump

50ml and 100ml are the common capacity that customers would like to use as the toner package

Figure 5-Aluminum Bottle with Bamboo Spray Pump

Aluminum metal and bamboo matching is the best sustainable group as spray bottle for fill the moisturizer

Figure 6-Color Coating Glass Bottle with Bamboo Spary Pump

Different colors coating can meet different customer’s request for the colorful looking design.

Figure 7-Glass Bottle with Bamboo Spray Pump and Bamboo Lid

Add one bamboo cap more than regular glass bottle with bamboo spray pump,the cap touching hand feeling is much better.

Figure 8-Round PET Bottle with Bamboo Spray Pump

For some quick consumption moisturizer product,especially small capacity, we suggest this package, much lighter than other material bottle.

Figure 9-Flat PET Bottle with Bamboo Spray Pump

For some quick consumption moisturizer product,especially small capacity, we suggest this package, much lighter than other material bottle

Figure 10-Mouse Bamboo Spray Bottle

Use it at home to fill disinfectant, especially in the epidemic situation.

Figure 11-Bamboo Spray Perfume Bottle

Much perfume would like to use wood packaging, here is a more sustainable way,use bamboo to pack, another choice for your perfume.

Figure 12-Small Bamboo Spray Bottle with Window

As a subpackage especially for the perfume, easy to carry on and you can see the how many left in the bottle via the visual window.

Figure 13-PET Liner Bamboo Spray Bottle

Much lighter than glass liner bamboo spray bottle, one more choice for you want to you use the all bamboo sleeve packaging.

Why Choose Three Bamboo Spray Bottle Packaging?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
ThreeBamboo have our own tooling for the different sizes for the shaping bamboo, if you are willing to use our dimension of the bamboo spray bottle.
ThreeBamboo customer service team is responsible, they will take pictures or take videos of the whole production situation for you and update to you always.
ThreeBamboo have full chain logistics service, from shipping by sea ,by air, by train, even door to door if you are not good at importing from China to your country, just let us know your detailed address, we will solve the problems for you.
ThreeBamboo have a quick sample time, after you confirm all the design and artwork, we can finish it within 10 days and express to you. If we have stock sample, then we only collect the shipping cost, sample is free for you. If bespoke sample needed, then $60/item should be collected.

Bamboo Spray Bottle For Cosmetic Packaging: The Complete Product Buying Guide

If you’re interested in placing an order of Bamboo Spray Bottles, this guide will help in answering your basic questions on ordering it from Three Bamboo or even any other supplier easily.

1.What is the Bamboo Spray Bottle typically used for?

Depending on the product you add inside the spray bottle, it can be used differently for different products. From perfumes to mists, toners, lotions, hand atomizers, and even sanitizers, or serums for skin and hair, there are many ways to use bamboo spray bottles.

2.Why do we suggest bamboo spray bottles over other options for certain cosmetics?

A wild grass that grows quicker than timber and permeates the atmosphere with more oxygen than timber, bamboo is the perfect eco-conscious solution to man’s ravenous use of plastic.

When it comes to cosmetics packaging, bamboo when combined with minute amounts of glass or plastic can be used to create safe to use cosmetic packaging for your previous productions. If you compare the bamboo spray bottle to the glass or the plastic electroplating one, bamboo is more premium, durable, and safe for your customers and the planet.

3.We have our own cosmetics bottle, can you provide a bamboo spray top?

We’re glad you asked us this!

Three Bamboo provides bamboo spray tops for business owners with their own cosmetic packaging bottles too. As we sell parts of the bamboo spray top separately, you can get exactly the item you want per order and nothing less or more.

Before you make an order, we suggest you go through the dimensions of a regular spray bottle so that you know the cap you’re expecting from Three Bamboo.

Our range of dimensions are:

  • 18/410
  • 20/410
  • 24/410
  • 28/410

Figure 14-Different Spec of bamboo spray pump to choose

4.Will the bamboo spray bottle lead to any leaking problem when filled by me or used by customers?

The leaking problem actually happens due to the lack of airtight nature of the bottle and matching of thread. As a manufacturer, we will be providing the spray bottle with ideal threads and gaskets that are vacuum tested to confirm they don’t leak so you don’t have to worry about it.

However, keep in mind that if you’re only buying the bamboo spray top, we are not responsible for any leaking. Because the bottle could be a misfit, leaking can happen in such a case. That’s why we make perfectly fitting bottles and combinations at Three Bamboo for superior cosmetics.

In case you’re troubled by this problem, we can provide you even gaskets separately so that you can fix the leak on your own easily. Talk more about it with us today.

5.What capacity bamboo spray bottle do you have?

As ThreeBamboo is a China Leading Bamboo Spray Bottle Supplier, we have a wide variety of bamboo spray bottles to choose from for your needs. From 10 ml to 500 ml, you have all the options available with Three Bamboo. The right capacity of your product can be customized according to your needs.

However, please note that the Minimum Order Quantity for each product varies. You can get in touch with our sales team via the ‘Contact Us’ page to know the exact MOQ of our products precisely.

Figure 15-Different capacity of bamboo spray bottle

6.What types of bamboo spray bottles do you provide?

You can pick your favorite bamboo spray bottle from a selection of two at Three Bamboo.

  • Type I: With plastic and glass inside and all bamboo around, this bamboo cosmetic packaging is a spray style bottle that can be easily reused and recycled for a painting a different theme about your brand with eco-consciousness and planet sustainability.
  • Type II: In this type, we have bamboo bottles that are mixed with plastic or glass parts for the spray pump to ensure the mechanism doesn’t have a problem or limitations as created by bamboo. It ends up reducing less plastic besides improving the aesthetics of your cosmetics via packaging too.

Figure 16-All bamboo spray bottle vs bamboo spray pump

7.Can you provide label service on the bamboo spray bottle?

Definitely. Being catering to various cosmetic brands and business owners for the past few years, we offer a wide range of options for labeling for cosmetics packaging. Choose from screen printing or laser engraving so that you can add your own logo as you need it.

8.Is the bamboo spray bottle made of real bamboo?

Yes of course. All our bamboo at Three Bamboo is sourced from real landscapes. However, some of our products may not be entirely made of bamboo as they may be mixed with plastic or glass as you saw in the case of spray bottle options.

Typically, the bamboo spray bottle comes with a PET (a type of plastic) or glass inner lining so that your product doesn’t directly touch bamboo to limit spoilage. The bamboo that’s all-natural and sustainable is used to build the exterior, thus reducing plastic waste substantially.

Figure 17-100% natural bamboo

9.Is your bamboo spray bottle regularly in stock?

Yes. Our bamboo spray bottle is regularly stocked and we can dispatch it in 7 days after assembling  if you’d like to order right away. While we don’t keep a big stock of the bamboo bottle component, we can offer to produce it ASAP on contract-based production.

For knowing more about this and a tentative delivery date in case you want to order now, talk with our sales experts via the contact page today.

10.Is there any way to repurpose empty bamboo spray bottles?

This is such a good question if more businesses asked this, our global warming would’ve been tackled by now.

In case your business already has a sustainable recycling program in place, you can retrieve the bottles from the customers, disinfect, clean, and reuse them. If you don’t have such a program, you can educate the customers on how to separate the bamboo from the plastic/glass so that they can deposit it for recycling or composting after usage.

11.Why does a bamboo spray bottle still have glass or plastic inside?

The lining inside a bamboo spray bottle that’s made of glass or plastic is important so that you can fill liquid inside it easily without contamination. Moreover, if the liquid is directly touched by bamboo, your cosmetics can get spoiled easily in the long run.

In our packaging products, you’ll notice we don’t completely eliminate plastic or PET, the recycled type of plastic. It’s important to ensure the cosmetics remain safe and uncontaminated. Instead of eliminating plastic and making our lives hell, we should try to reduce it as much as possible.

12.Will the bamboo spray bottle go moldy?

When it comes to wood and moisture, there’s mostly resultant moisture that leads to dampness and mold in packaging.

At Three Bamboo, we apply a special coating on our line of bamboo spray bottles to ensure it doesn’t become moldy. While this is mandatory for us, not all manufacturers do this because it’s a costly process. However, when such an untreated bamboo bottle is stored away for months such as in a damp place like the bathroom, it will naturally start growing mold.

Figure 18-Uncoated VS Coated bamboo

13.Can we get a sample of a bamboo spray bottle from ThreeBamboo?

Yes, you can get sample bamboo spray bottles from Three Bamboo because we’re a manufacturer and not just a supplier with our own line of factories and machinery.

If you’re interested in any of our products that you see on the official website, just get in touch with our customer service team to get a free sample of it right away. All you need to pay for are the freight charges for the sample to reach you.

Although if you want a custom sample of a bamboo spray bottle exactly adhering to your particular dimensions, the bespoke sample will cost 60 USD per piece and 60 USD separately for screen printing.

14.What are the main Quality Control measures taken by ThreeBamboo?

At Three Bamboo, quality is high on the priority list for us because we want our packaging to make sure your cosmetics are well preserved and stored. That’s why we conduct inspections of raw materials thoroughly before processing them.

The assembling process is carried by hand at Three Bamboo because our experts do better than machines to put together fragile cosmetic packaging with better efficiency. As each part is picked up by hand, our staff inspects it thoroughly. Moreover, each part is meticulously inspected with eyes and touch to weed out the bad ones or those with manufacturing defects and flaws.

You can also get in touch with us if you have faced any quality-control-related problems when transacting or working with us.

Figure 19- 100% assemble by hand and inspection

15.What is the total production capacity of ThreeBamboo for bamboo spray bottles?

Being an expert in the field of cosmetic packaging, Three Bamboo currently owns 50+ machines that work digitally to lathe the bamboo sleeve. When it comes to the bamboo spray pump model, Three Bamboo is capable of producing over 10,000 pieces per day while we build 3,000 bottles of bamboo bottles in a day.

The combined process of bamboo spray bottle manufacturing at Three Bamboo is a handmade process. Hence, there might be a slight delay in production if you order at the eleventh hour.

But in any case, we can cover the delays appropriately and produce bamboo spray bottles exactly as you want within a production time of 35 days.

16. If I end up with a defective bamboo spray bottle, will Three Bamboo help me? If so, in what ways will you help me?

Although we pack bamboo spray bottles carefully and mindfully to avoid any transit-related damages, rarely this can happen. In such an instance, don’t get worried. Rest assured because we will cover the broken and defective products if that was due to shipping-related problems.

All you need to do is take videos and snaps of the broken or defective item and send them to us. Our sales team will work with you to verify the same and replace the same with high-quality spray bottles in your consecutive order.

Please don’t hesitate to relate your worries to the concerned salesperson so that we can make the whole process easier for you.

17.You say your bamboo spray bottles still have glass or plastic. How is that eco-friendly?

From the point of view of a purist, a bamboo spray bottle may not be 100% eco-conscious, but it reduces the typical plastic usage of a bamboo spray bottle by over 80%.

With the rate of millions spent on plastic by the cosmetics industry, this is a huge feat. The first step to saving the planet from plastic is by reducing its use as much as we can.

Moreover, sensitive products like medicine and cosmetics need airtight sealing and moist-free conditions that may be guaranteed only with the use of minute amounts of plastic and glass.

At Three Bamboo, we’ve formulated ways to cut it down as much as possible for small and large brands without losing a lot of money. We don’t disagree that glass is a recyclable material and is better than plastic. However, from a business point of view, packing certain cosmetics in glass bottles leads to more accidents, hassles, and inconvenience for customers in the long run.

On top of it, we use glass parts and recycled plastic parts in our bamboo spray bottle to make up for what bamboo cannot displace. Our PET plastic spray tops can be reused and recycled again too.

If you’re concerned about the plastic or glass component of the bamboo spray bottle, talk to our executives on how to get an all-bamboo alternative that keeps your products safe as well.

Figure 20-Eco-friendly material we use

18.How are bamboo spray bottles for cosmetic packaging manufactured?

To understand how bamboo spray bottles are made, you need to look at the process as a whole.

Here’s a pictorial introduction to get your head around how bamboo spray bottles are manufactured:

19.What is the final bamboo spray bottle packing like?

Once your order of bamboo spray bottles has completed production, they are then inspected for quality control ratings.

When QC is complete, each bamboo spray bottle is packed separately into durable boxes. These boxes are often lined with multiple layers of protective material so that your spray bottles remain secure and intact when you receive them.

20.We are not familiar with the entire process of importing. Can you provide doorstep service?

Definitely, Three Bamboo can ship your order directly to your storage space such as the warehouse instead of having to collect it from the port or customs office in your country.

All you need to do is send us the complete address where you want the order to be delivered and we will forward it to our shipping service provider. You can also decide on whether to receive your shipment via air, sea, train, or expedited shipping with your door-to-door service add-on.

Interested in knowing more about our bamboo spray bottles in bulk? Talk to our customer service experts today!

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