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  • Pioneers: We are leaders in cosmetic packaging and hence can create different sizes and shapes of bamboo roller bottles as per your needs. Just send us an inquiry listing the specifications you’re looking for and we’ll take care of it right away.
  • Wide-Variety: Boasting over 15 years of catering for different businesses and their varied target audiences in the past, Three Bamboo offers OEM services apart from stocked variations of the main product. Most of our clients hail from Europe, Middle East, and North America with wide-ranging skincare and beauty lines.

Bamboo Roller On Bottle -Real Natural Package for Organic Essential Oil

Bamboo Roller Bottle
  • Highest Quality: Our QC department keeps improving every day with new forms to create high-quality product lines. From sourcing raw materials to production and post-production and even after-sales, the Three Bamboo team offers premium products.
  • Customizable: Three Bamboo can help you realize unique cosmetic packaging goals without hassles because we’re well-seasoned with the industry. You can also discuss with our development team to customize and create unique bamboo cosmetic packaging products too.
  • Royal and Premium: Our bamboo roller bottles look premium because we strictly use high-quality bamboo and other materials for manufacturing. Working directly with us you get the rare opportunity to micromanage production to a large extent.

Bamboo Roller Bottle Category

3ml Bamboo Roller Bottle

The smallest roller bottle in ThreeBamboo,easy to carry and easy to fill in.

5ml Bamboo Roller Bottle

Top sale bamboo roller item,and with regular stock, normally we do not limit MOQ for customers

10ml Bamboo Roller Bottle

Customers favorable roller, 10ml  capacity can use a moderate time with some perfume or essential oil.

10ml Roller Bottle with Bamboo Lid-Stainless Roller

Filling some colorful liquid, showing outside from the clear bottle,paper lable on the glass or engraving on the bamboo lid will show your brand style

15ml Roller Bottle with Bamboo Lid-Stainless Roller

Big capacity, fill some fast-using liquid, so that customer does not need fill very often.

10ml Gemstone Bamboo Roller Bottle

With different colors gemstone, look luxury, also the oil can absorb some element from the stones. Many colors to choose meet different customer’s request.

10ml Colorful Frosted Roller Bottle with Bamboo Lid

If you oil is clear but you need a colorful packaging, frosted coating is also available, the effect can let your product packaging more choices and more attracting.

10ml Color Electroplating Roller Bottle with Bamboo Lid

Electroplating on the glass is available, the oil product is better not fill into metal bottle, but the electroplating can let glass with metal visual, a new trial on the package.

15ml PP Inner Bamboo Roller Bottle-Glass Ball

If you do not like the stainless roller, glass roller is also available to insert , different choice for different customers

50ml Bamboo Roller Bottle

Big capacity roller bottle, it is used to fill the body fragrant or deodorant, large glass roller and bamboo outer sleeve, the package is suitable the natural fragrance.

15ml PP Inner Bamboo Roller Bottle

Glass is easy to break, recycle plastic PP is also available, lightweight and bamboo outer sleeve with engraving artwork looks natural and gorgeous

10ml Amber Roller Bottle with Bamboo Lid-Stainless Roller

Some oil should be kept in a dark place,amber color bottle can solve this problem perfectly.If your formulation is sensitive, this is your best choice.

Why Choose Three Bamboo Roller Bottles ?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
ThreeBamboo has a quick respond for your request, no matter you choose our design or your idea, we will do the samples for you in 10 days.
ThreeBamboo has a 7*24h customers service team, they are young girls with passion, with responsibility, they will answer you in the first time, you will not feel the long distance even though we are in the opposite side of the earth.
ThreeBamboo also has a responsible after-sale team, because the bamboo is a natural plant, it may occur some broken situation during the long distance transportation, such as the bamboo cream jar broke or bump, you just let us know, we will provide you a solving solution.
ThreeBamboo is a focused on bamboo package for cosmetic manufacturer, choose us means you have a stable and a long-term support for your business.

Bamboo Roll On Bottle:The Definitive Product Buying Guide

Bamboo rollers are an improvised packaging we’ll get to know in the following FAQ guide.

1.What is the bamboo roller bottle?

Roll-on bottles have a roller ball fitted at the mouth of the bottle to discharge liquid via rubbing movements.

Patented in 1959, bamboo roll-on bottles have been getting improvised every quarter with a new look or functionality. If plastic roller bottles were the norm a few decades ago, it’s all about aesthetics and eco-conscious values now. Everything from roller bottle essential oil necklaces to bamboo essential oil roller bottles are getting common these days.

In the last five years alone, roll-on bottles have been tweaked and modified so much that most of us don’t know any other packaging for essential oils. You may know roll-on bottles as rollerball bottles, roll-ons, or merely rollers.

At Three Bamboo, you can get the most innovative roller bottles or one based on your own ideas because we’ve been manufacturing these bottles and improving them for half a decade now. Talk to our service team if you need help placing the order for bamboo roller bottles that fit all your needs and more.

2.How to refill the bamboo roller bottle?

Whether you want to reduce waste or expenses, refilling bamboo roller bottles is easy on your own and can even be done by customers on their own, if you use the dropper bottle to refill in the roller bottle.

Here are three ways to refill the bamboo roll-on bottle to know ahead about:

  • First Method: You can use your finger to press the roller for opening roll-on bottles for refilling purposes.
  • Second Method: Most roller bottles will open up if you push it a little on the cap followed by twisting motions. Once the cap gets loose, you can gently pull out the cap with a screwdriver. Once refilled, just press the cap back into its original place.
  • Third Method: The next way is to place the screwed edge of the roll-on bottle in between the curved handles of the scissor. Once you pop it slightly, the roller will pop out without damaging the bottle in any which way.
  • Fourth Method: If none of the other ways to refill a roller bottle works, you can use a small plier or two to hold onto the cap and toggle it back and forth to loosen it. You can also place a small patch of cloth between the cap and the plier to prevent abrasions.

how to refill the roller bottle

3. Why choose Three Bamboo roller bottles?

Being in the industry for years, we have a wide range of cosmetic packaging including roller bottles on Three Bamboo. In fact, bamboo rollers are our bestseller item if you look at the last few years. When you compare our roller bottles with a plastic variety, the only difference is that we use the eco-friendly material bamboo in the process.

Although bamboo roller bottles are expensive, it’s worth more than a glass bottle. Unlike a glass bottle, bamboo looks premium, lightweight, and safe to use without slipping off the hands. Glass roll-on bottles often break when customers try to use the oil inside them. The durability and appeal of bamboo make it a wise choice.

Truth be told, many suppliers rebrand Three Bamboo roller bottles by engraving their logo and reselling it. Why pay the middleman when you can get a better deal and quality right from the manufacturer. Moreover, we have three machines that run non-stop to make the bamboo roller bottles and hence are equipped to meet any demands you may have.

4.What is the function of the window on the bamboo roll-on bottle?

Unlike commonly available bamboo roller bottles, our rollers come with a transparent window in a linear fashion on the bottle. We’ve added the window so that users can see how much product is leftover in the roller bottles.

On top of it, Three Bamboo has is applying for the patent of this roller bottle design window too.

visual window

5. Why is a roller bottle is a good choice to fill essential oil or perfume?

Generally, brands use droppers, glass bottles, or pump bottles to dispense essential oils and perfumes. Roller bottle is better in terms of packaging because it guarantees a mess-free use, unlike droppers or glass bottles that can damage easily too.

On top of it, the bamboo component of the rollers ensures it’s on par with the elitist brands that are moving towards eco-conscious packaging today.

6.What kind of rollers do you provide?

We have several sizes of bamboo roller bottles in stock at Three Bamboo. You can select from 3 ml to 5 ml, and 10 ml. There are two variations of bamboo rollers based on materials for the 10 ml size such as all bamboo rollers and glass rollers.

If you’d like another combination of size and materials, get in touch with our customer service team today.

Top-rated sale bamboo rollers

7. Why do we recommend all bamboo roller bottles for packing essential oils?

Oils and oily cosmetic products are best sold in bamboo roller bottles because rollers are made exclusively for essential oils and perfumes. Apart from that, you can also use essential oils and perfumes from roller bottles as you go while droppers and pumps often end up discharging the product in lack or excess.

Apart from that, it’s best to massage essential oil products into the skin during application and no other bottle beats roll-on bottles in that aspect.

8.What can be roller bottle used for?

Roller bottles are essentially small vials for storing liquids. It’s best used for items that need careful discharging like serums, perfumes, or essential oils. While it can be used for concentrated creams and sleep masks, it’s best used for oil-based products than their water-based counterparts.

9.Are bamboo roller bottles sanitary?

Yes, bamboo roll-on bottles are sanitary for storing sensitive cosmetic products like liquids and oils.

Our roll-on bottles are an intelligent mix of plastic and bamboo for this very reason. Hence, you don’t have to worry about spoilage and contamination when storing your products in Three Bamboo roller bottles because our R&D team has already figured and resolve the issues.

Because it’s made from bamboo, it’s extra beautiful and hygienic thanks to the natural properties of bamboo grass

10. What do bamboo rollers do?

Named after the roller ball function that dispenses the product inside the bottle, bamboo rollers are used to apply topical products like serums, essential oils, and cosmetic concentrates. With a roller bottle, you get a mess-free application that looks good too.

11. We want to buy small batches of bamboo roller bottles, is that available?

For every product you see on Three Bamboo, there’s a minimum order quantity that helps us cover the costs of production.

For instance, using a machine capable of producing hundreds of roller bottles to produce one results in a waste of energy, time, labor, money, etcetera. That’s why you’ll see MOQ with every manufacturer or supplier no matter what industry you’re in.

For bamboo roller bottles on Three Bamboo, if we have stock, then we do not limit the MOQ,if the roller should be produced under order, which is not less than 1,000 pieces. When you place the order, you are required to pay 30% upfront and 70% when the production is complete and the order is ready to ship.

12. How do you pack the bamboo roll-on bottles?

Our bamboo roller bottles are a mix of PP and bamboo material consisting of a steel ball, roller ball housing made of PP or bamboo, the bottle itself, and the cap. We pack similar components together so that there’s little to no damage during transit. For instance, bottles are packed in one box together, caps in another, and so on.

13. If there is some broken when we receive the rollers, can you help to solve this problem?

Yes, rest assured that packages damaged in transit will be addressed by Three Bamboo right away. In case the bottles become defective due to shipping problems, you should get in touch with us right away.

We’ll ask you to click a picture and share it with us so that we can address the matter effectively. Typically, we reimburse the damaged rollers with new ones of high quality. In case you’re wondering about it, just send us an inquiry right now so that we can find a fair resolution.

14. Can you do the label service?

You can get bamboo roller bottles branded with your logo when you order from Three Bamboo. We offer engraving and silk printing services. To see how it looks, ping us via the contact page and we’ll clear it up for you!

Engraving label service

15. Are bamboo rollers always in stock?

The bamboo rollers you see on Three Bamboo such as 5ml and 10ml all bamboo rollers  are our stocked products. You can order these and get them delivered to your doorstep without any delay as seen with custom products.

16. Is there plastic on bamboo rollers?

Plastic or PP is used to safeguard your product from getting exposed or contaminated. It’s combined with a bamboo outer covering to reduce using plastic for the whole bottle besides guaranteeing attractive aesthetics.

17. Can I order samples from Three Bamboo?

Yes, Three Bamboo offers samples of bamboo roller bottles for free. You need not pay anything for the sample bamboo rollers except for the shipping charges. However, for a bespoke product, there’s a fee of $60 USD for producing the unique sample.

18. What are the shipping and payment options available on Three Bamboo?

Three Bamboo offers several ways of shipping your product via sea, air, or train. You can choose from DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx with us.

19. How long does Three Bamboo take to produce the packages?

There are two different turnaround times at Three Bamboo depending on your choice of product and mode of processing for receiving the product.

If you’re ordering a product in-stock (contact our support team the items you are intersted, they will tell you if we have stock), we provide delivery within 35 to 40 days from the date of receiving the deposit.

However, if you’re ordering a custom sample, note that it’ll take ten days from the date of order.

20. What to keep in mind when ordering from Three Bamboo?

Choosing the right cosmetic packaging isn’t an easy decision. But with the Three Bamboo customer service team, we can iron out the wrinkles with expertise thanks to our decades of experience catering to small-to-big clients in this industry.

In any case, it’s always good to have a clear idea of the total pieces you require, the total time you have, and the budget for placing the order. The next step is to decide on a bamboo roller bottle size and functionality. The last comes branding and logo.

Have any specific doubts? We’d love to resolve it with you. Get in touch with us today!


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