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  • Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials known to man. There are many applications of Bamboo, and most of them are in storage. People use Bamboo for storing their beauty essentials and many other items. As the use of Bamboo is surging, we at ThreeBamboo are committed to providing the best Bamboo products. We are backed by over 15 years of production experience.
  • The Bamboo perfume bottle is one of our best products that has seen massive demand over the years. So, with the increasing demand, we also increased our production. The production process of ThreeBamboo is managed by over 50 digitally controlled machines along with 3 polishing lines, 2 coating lines and 2 assembly machines. Post the assembly; every Bamboo perfume bottle is handpicked and checked to ensure the best quality.
  • We are not just limited to providing you with Bamboo products. We also have a close after-sale service which means if you experience any issue with the product, you can send us the evidence like pictures or videos, and we will take care of the issue.

Bamboo Perfume Bottle Vegan Your Smell

Figure 1-Bamboo perfume Bottle
  • ThreeBamboo is one of the prime producers of the Bamboo perfume bottle, and the best thing about Bamboo is its reusability. A person can reuse the bottle once it has been used once. Other than that, you can also decompose it.
  • ThreeBamboo uses Bamboo as Bamboo can replace wood. Some perfumes favour wood; therefore, they will use wood caps. We use Bamboo; if the wood is your priority, we can coat the Bamboo with wood colour.
  • We cater for our customers with some small volume perfume bottles too. We offer Bamboo perfume bottles in 5ml, 10ml, and other volume variants. These small packs are easy to carry.

Bamboo Perfume Bottle Category

Figure 2-Bamboo Roller Bottle

Subpack big volumne perfume into the roller bottle and carry with yourself, use it anytime,3ml,5ml.10ml all available

Bamboo Spray Perfume Bottle

A good package to product the  a full set of different favor perfume let customers to experience, especially with engraving logo

Figure 4-Rotating Bamboo Perfume Bottle

Do not need a seperate cap, rotating the cap to use it, to avoid leaking if the cap is off

Why Choose ThreeBamboo Perfume Bottle?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
At ThreeBamboo, quality is our number one priority. We have a strict quality control policy and a team that ensures that all the packaged products outperform in terms of quality.
If you want to see what our products are and what they look and feel like, you can come to our industry exhibition. We attend a lot of them and allow our customers to learn more about our products, including Bamboo perfume bottles.
The thing that our customers like about us is that we do not charge any tooling charges from them. We have our own moulds; thus, we produce products ordered by you at no extra tooling cost.
Our customers are spread all across the globe, primarily in North America, Europe and Australia. The cool thing is that these countries import about 90% of the products made by ThreeBamboo.

Bamboo Perfume Bottle:The Definitive Buying Guide

If you’re seriously considering investing in bamboo packaging for your cosmetic or skincare  products, the following will help you find real answers. You’ll learn how to order from a bamboo cream jar manufacturer from China no matter where in the world you are. It’s an easy guide whether you’re a newbie or a pro with eco-conscious packaging.

1.Are Bamboo perfume bottles safe?

Yes, the Bamboo perfume bottles are completely safe. As they have a combination of glass and Bamboo in it, there is no component that can harm the perfume inside the bottle. Other than that, Bamboo is eco-friendly, thus, no harm to the environment too.

Figure 5-Are Bamboo perfume bott

2.Why is Bamboo used with glass?

Bamboo is used with glass to provide the bottle with a graceful look. If Bamboo comes in contact with any liquid for an extended time, it can swell, deform, decolour or even crack. Therefore, at ThreeBamboo, we make the internal shell of the bottle with glass and outer cladding with Bamboo. Thus, keeping a balance of both fashion and function.

3.Is Bamboo bottle biodegradable?

Yes, the Bamboo perfume bottle is completely biodegradable. ThreeBamboo ensures that all of its products are eco-friendly and recyclable. The time of biodegradation may vary from one scenario to another. For example, if you use the Bamboo bottle and throw it as it is, it may take more time. But, if you chip down the Bamboo bottle into small pieces, it can decompose faster.

Figure 6-Is Bamboo bottle biodeg

4.Is Bamboo good for storing perfume?

Perfume has various types of chemicals that can damage Bamboo if stored for an extended time. Moreover, Bamboo will automatically get damaged if it stays in contact with any liquid for a long time. But, no need to worry here. ThreeBamboo uses a glass layer under the Bamboo cladding or a glass bottle with the spray top to ensure that the perfume does not affect Bamboo in any way.

5.How do you clean the Bamboo bottle?

Bamboo is natural grass. As water can affect its health and longevity, the best way to clean Bamboo is by using a damp cloth to wipe off all the dust or marks.


6.How long do Bamboo bottles last?

The answer to this question lies in the way you use it. If the bottle is not taken care of, it can go bad quickly. For instance, if it is exposed to moist surroundings, it may not last more than a month. On the other hand, if it is taken care of like being kept in a dry atmosphere, it can even last more than a year. You can extend its age by keeping it clean and reusing it.

Figure 7-How long do Bamboo bott

7.What are the various products made by ThreeBamboo?

ThreeBamboo is a prime producer of various state of the art Bamboo products. Other than exceptional Bamboo perfume bottles, ThreeBamboo manufactures standard as well as customised products like jars, straws, tubes, and closures like disk caps, droppers, lotion pumps, spray pumps, etc.

8.Does ThreeBamboo provide any customisation?

ThreeBamboo offers OEM services which means that you can get standard as well as customised products. If you want any sort of engraving or branding on your products, you can get in touch with our customer support team. You can let us know your requirements, and we will do the rest for you.

Figure 8-Bamboo Perfume Bottle w9.How do you ensure the quality of the Bamboo perfume bottles?

Well, to be clear, we are super strict about the quality of our products which is why we pass our products through various quality checking levels.

  • A random item is picked from the bulk production line.
  • The quality control team check the item to confirm if it has the right dimensions and if it is fail-proof.
  • All the products are assembled by the QC team by hand.
  • The qualified items are passed further.
  • A final check is done by the team by hand.

10.Do you have any limit on the order?

Yes, almost all of our products have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). If you are placing an order with ThreeBamboo, it is best to check the MOQ of the product on the website or with the customer support team. If your product is among the standard products, we will not place any limitation on the order quantity. However, if the product is a customised one, we will deliver you only the MOQ.

11.What shipping options do you offer?

If we talk about shipping, ThreeBamboo is a brand that offers worldwide shipping services. No matter where you are, we deliver you your Bamboo products via air, ship, and other door-to-door delivery services. For large orders, we ship orders by sea as it is an affordable option. Other than that, if the order is small, we cater the shipment via air or by express delivery services like DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS. We are also open to other shipping options if you need them.

12.Can a Bamboo bottle get damaged?

Yes, a Bamboo perfume bottle can get damaged if it is not kept in the ideal surroundings or if it is not used properly. For instance, if the Bamboo bottle is kept in moist surroundings like in the washroom, it may attract mould. Other than that, if the Bamboo bottle comes in contact with water for an extended time, it may swell or crack. To ensure that it serves its purpose for a long time, keep it in dry surroundings.

Figure 9-Keep bamboo perfume bot

13.What is so different about ThreeBamboo?

Well, not to boast, but ThreeBamboo is one of the prime brands that supply ingenious Bamboo packagings to every nation in the world. Our clients, primarily in North America, Australia and Europe, import around 90% of our Bamboo products which is clear proof that our products are great. Our sole motive is not just to make Bamboo products but also to take the leading step towards saving the environment.

14.Can we get some samples before our commercial order for testing?

Of course! We understand that it is a bit tough to make your mind. So, ThreeBamboo can offer you free samples for testing if you are planning to place a commercial order. However, there are some scenarios. If you are placing an order which is in regular stock, we will not charge anything for it; you just have to pay shipping charges.


On the other hand, if your order is not among the standard products like it is customised or unique, you have to pay $60 per piece along with shipping charges.

15.Do you have any hidden charges?

ThreeBamboo maintains absolute transparency when it comes to the prices of the products. We do not pose any extra hidden charges on the customers. All the charges levied on the customers are mentioned on their invoices. If you have any doubt about the charges mentioned on the invoice, consult us, and we will make it clear to you.

16.What is your payment structure?

To make it easy for our customers, we have kept our payment system super flexible. If you order something from ThreeBamboo, you are required to pay 30% of the payment upfront and the rest 70% prior to shipping the products. You can pay us via PayPal or Swift. However, if you want to discuss any other payment structure with us, we are open to that too.

17.What is your production process?

The production process of ThreeBamboo is super strict in terms of product quality. Let’s go through the various steps of Bamboo perfume bottle:


  1. The cutting stage: Initially, Bamboo is in the form of boards. Therefore, the cutting process takes place to make them into the required sizes.
  2. Lathe cutting: the first step of cutting is just like making a rough blueprint. The lathe cutting stage includes cutting and providing accurate shape to the bottle. There are over 50 digitally controlled lathes at ThreeBamboo.
  3. Polishing: To give the bottles the required aesthetics, thorough polishing of the surfaces is done.
  4. Coating: To further improve the utility and longevity of the Bamboo perfume bottle, a sustainable coating is added to it.
  5. Packaging: The last step of all is the packaging of the products with glass or plastic accessories.

Figure 10-Bamboo Perfume Bottle Production Process

18.How can I order a Bamboo perfume bottle from ThreeBamboo?

To order the required products from ThreeBamboo, you have to follow the provided steps:

  1. Go to our website and tap on ”Contact Us”.
  2. Send your enquiry with your message.
  3. After the initial discussion about the product, you pay the upfront amount.
  4. We create a sample product for you as per your needs.
  5. You verify the product and confirm the order and pay the balance amount.
  6. You get your order delivered in the projected time window.
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