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  • ThreeBamboo works as the manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and wholesaler of high-quality bamboo cosmetic packaging. ThreeBamboo is a trusted business hub for bamboo mascara tubes suppliers. Fifteen years of excellent services and hard work to ThreeBamboo We are among the renowned bamboo packaging distributors all over the world. We offer high-quality, innovative solutions and friendly services.
  • ThreeBamboo never compromises the quality of the products. Our quality control team keeps a close vigil on the complete production process to diminish the negligible chances of manufacturing defects. With the help of the latest technology, 100 % inspection, and comprehensive quality control policies, we can ensure flawless and cost-effective bamboo mascara tubes for you.

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Figure 1-Bamboo Mascara Tube
  • Our mascara tubes are eco-friendly. These are manufactured from natural materials (bamboo grass). These mascara tubes reduce the use of some plastic-electroplating cosmetic products. These plastic products can lead to pollution. So, we have designed our mascara tubes to meet the fashion requirements of our clients without compromising the safety of our environment.
  • For manufacturing our bamboo mascara tubes, we have utilized the combination of bamboo with glass or recyclable plastic. This composition allows our products to fulfill the package function along with decorating the package properly. Our mascara tubes give a natural and elegant look due to these materials.
  • Generally, ThreeBamboo offers bamboo mascara tubes with natural bamboo colors. However, we also provide the facility of customized designs. We can perform color coating on the mascara tubes to meet the requirements of our clients.

Bamboo Mascara Tube Category

Figure 2-Bamboo marcara tube

All bamboo mascara tube with a visual window, you can see how many left in the tube, without window also available.

Figure 3- Mascara tube with bamboo lid

Injection plastic with golden roll decoration matching curved shape bamboo lid,especially for the different colors mascara package, such as blue, brown

Figure 4-Plastic mascara tube with bamboo lid

Blown plastic mascara tube with bamboo lid, blown plastic tube has bigger capacity, it is better for your brand want to sell big capacity mascara

Why Choose Bamboo Mascara Tube from ThreeBamboo?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
We are the supplier of the top seller of China No#1 E-commerce Platform "Taobao." We can boast of the quality standard of our bamboo mascara tubes as we have manufactured these by using premium quality raw materials.
For the utmost satisfaction of our customers, we have a responsible customer service team. Our customer service team provides you with information about product updating and provides videos and pictures during production.
The company has a complete and scientific quality management system and has nationwide unparalleled processing equipment and strong technical support. Our workshop is equipped with advanced machinery. We have above 50 digital controlled machines to fulfill the increasing demand of our customers.
We present our bamboo mascara tubes at an industry exhibition. At this show, you can see and touch our mascara tubes by yourself. By attending this exhibition, you will know more about our products

Bamboo Mascara Tube – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Mascara is one of the essential beauty products for women as it makes your lashes look beautiful and long. Bamboo Mascara Tubs are the best choice if you want natural packaging for your Mascara. If you are new to eco-conscious packaging, The following guide can help you know more about it and get authentic answers.

1.Is Your Bamboo Mascara Tube being Eco-Conscious?

Yes, definitely. Bamboo mascara tube can significantly reduce the carbon footprint when sourced five hundred miles within its production.

ThreeBamboo offers products like Bamboo lip balm containers and bamboo mascara tubes made of a completely natural product without toxic material. The other reason we prefer bamboo for mascara packaging is that the CO2 consumption of bamboo is five times more than any other wood.

Figure 5-Is Your Bamboo Mascara Tube being Eco-Conscious

 2.Why Should You Invest in Bamboo Mascara Tube?

If you are thinking, why is bamboo mascara tube good for investing? Here we have discussed some of its advantages that will surely convince you.

The first thing that makes this natural mascara tube worthy is its looks. It gives a wood-like and luxurious feeling. You don’t need any toxic substance to paint it over because it looks naturally pretty.

It is eco-friendly and renewable. That’s why it keeps your makeup products safer.

 3.What is Your Customization Process for Bamboo Mascara Tube?

You can contact our service team and advise your requirements. Three Bamboo production team try their best to understand your vision with refer draft.The simplest process is bespoke y our logo with laser engraving.

When the material and design are confirmed, the price will be discussed. We offer the sample for approval. After the deposit is received, we start the production. You will receive the shipment of the bamboo mascara tube after final payment.

4.Are Mascara Bamboo Tubes are Always in Stock at ThreeBamboo?

Almost all the products at ThreeBamboo are primarily in stock because we are always ready to accommodate our customer’s requirements.

But Mascara tubes are normally without stock,beauty packaging MOQ is 12,000pcs in standard ; we can produce them if you order them. You can Get in touch without the service team to place an order and get more information about your desire product.

5.What Sizes of Bamboo Mascara Tube Can You Provide to Your Customers?

We can customize the size according to your requirements. The normal capacity of our bamboo mascara tubes is 5ml, 8ml, 10ml, and 15 ml.

Figure 6-Different sizes of bamboo mascara tubes

You can contact our service team to know more if you have any inquiries about the product and its customization.

6.What is Your MOQ for Bamboo Mascara Tube?

The minimum order quantity of bamboo mascara tubes on the ThreeBamboo is 12,000pcs,; plastic accessories limit this. For further information, you can contact our customer service team. They will note your requirements and guide you further.

7.How to Receive a Price Quotation for Bamboo Mascara Tube in Shortest time?

You have to send us an inquiry through email. Make sure to attach all the details like product size, model number, tube length, quantity.

If you want something to customize, do mention it, and we will send you a quote with complete details as soon as possible.

Figure 7-How to get a quote for bamboo mascara tube from threebamboo

8.What is Your Trade Term and Payment Term for Bamboo Mascara Tube?

We offer FOB, CIF, and CFR to you. If you want to place your order of bamboo mascara tubes, you have to pay a 30% deposit and a 70% remaining balance before shipping.

For more information, get in touch with our service team, they will guide you in detail.

9.How Does ThreeBamboo Control Quality of Bamboo Tube?

ThreeBamboo has two assembly lines where bamboo is mainly assembled by hand to confirm the quality. We also have two lines to confirm the assemble efficiency.

We provide strict quality control by confirming 100% inspection of every bamboo mascara tube.

10.What is Your Lead Time for the Mass Production of Bamboo Mascara Tube?

ThreeBamboo takes only 7-8 days for the bamboo mascara tubes that are already stocked. But in cases, the customer wants to customize mascara tubes with logos, the lead time for mass production at ThreeBamboo range between 35-40 days after getting the deposit.

11.What Services Does ThreeBamboo Offer to Their Customers?

ThreeBamboo promises to provide great services to its customers. We are a manufacturer as well as distributor that deal in really competitive prices with our customers.

Our service team ensures that you receive answers to your email within 12 hours. You can contact us if there is any problem after you receive your bamboo mascara tubes order.

12.Why Your Bamboo Mascara Tube is Expensive Compare to Other Mascara Tubes?

ThreeBamboo is an eco-friendly company. We offer bamboo packaging for mascara tubes, and one of the biggest disadvantages is its cost.

We all know that when it comes to bamboo, it is way expensive than plastic. Another reason bamboo mascara packaging is costly is because hands do bamboo packaging, so labor cost is also added.

Figure 8-Bamboo Mascara tube VS OTHER MASCARA TUBE

13.Do You Offer Mascara Tubes for Wholesale?

ThreeBamboo is one of the bamboo packagings manufacturers for bamboo mascara tubes. We offer bamboo packaging cosmetic products wholesale.

You don’t have to go hunting for eco-friendly mascara tubes because we can meet your needs without any problems. You can contact our customer service team for more information about this.

14.Is It Possible to Add Logo on ThreeBamboo Product Tube?

Yes, you can add a logo on a bamboo mascara tube. ThreeBamboo offers to customize bamboo tubes mascara by adding the logo of your brand or company. You just need to provide us with your logo sample in high-resolution AI work if you want to add a logo.

Our production team takes care of the rest. You can choose the type of printing among paper printing, laser engraving, and screen printing to customize bamboo mascara tubes.

Figure 9-Add logo on bamboo mascara tube

15.Do You Offer Free Samples of Mascara Tube?

Yes, we can. ThreeBamboo offers free samples of bamboo mascara tubes. We will send you product samples on time to decide whether you want to order and how much you want to order.

In case you want to customize mascara bamboo tube samples. You have to pay some extra charges like 60 USD for screen printing. For regular bamboo tube mascara, the only cost you have to bear is the shipping charges if you are ordering from another country.

16.We Have Our Own Plastic Mascara Tube, Can You Only Produce the Bamboo Sleeve For us?

Yes, we can provide you with only bamboo production services. You just need to send us the plastic tube to measure the dimension and produce the most economical bamboo sleeve for you. We do not limit the MOQ for you if you provide us with the plastic tubes.



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