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  • Skincare is one of the key concerns of individuals today. As so many products are in the market, their storage material has also become a chief concern. Usually, plastic is used to pack skincare products, but brands are increasingly using Bamboo for packaging. ThreeBamboo is one of the marvels of the bamboo packaging industry, having experience of over 15 years in the industry.
  • The bamboo lotion pump is one of the best products manufactured by ThreeBamboo. Our giant plant is based in China that has some of the best machines of the current time. Other than that, we also have a well-experienced staff specializing in Bamboo products’ research and development. So, no matter how big your bamboo lotion pump order is, our 50+ digitally controlled machines and professional staff can produce it with ease.
  • Quality is a critical factor for users. Therefore, we ensure that our products, including the bamboo lotion pump, pass all the inspection stages with 100% results. Each of our products is quality tested by hand that ascertains 100% superb quality.

Use More Bamboo Decoration than
Electroplating to Decrease Polution

Figure 1-Bamboo Lotion Pump
    • As the use of plastic is gradually reducing and replacing some electroplating decoration; people are moving towards the use of eco-friendly products like Bamboo. Bamboo Lotion Pump is highly preferred because of various characteristics like lightweight design, biodegradable nature, and aesthetics.
  • On top of this, you can get the Bamboo lotion pump in various colors. We at ThreeBamboo can cater to you with lotion pumps in various different colors as your brand demands.
  • One of the best things about bamboo lotion pumps is that they can be reused as Bamboo is recyclable too.

Why Choose Three Bamboo Lotion Pump?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
We at ThreeBamboo are not limited to just our designs. If required, we can also produce bamboo lotion pumps and other products as per your preference too. Both ODM and OEM services are available.
Our product assembly and packaging process is super fast. If you order a standard in-stock product, we can assemble and pack your order within 7 days.
We are well-known for our remarkable customer service. It doesn’t matter which product you are buying from us; we take absolute responsibility for it. You can contact us anytime for queries. We can also offer you live images and videos of our plant if required.
Our primary market is the US, Australia, and Europe. However, if you are not in any of these, we can deliver you your required product. We have tie-ups with every type of shipping service like FOB, CIA by sea, by air, and even door-to-door delivery.

Bamboo Lotion Pump:The Definitive Buying Guide

Find information about bamboo lotion pump below, if you can not find the right answers here, contact us please! Let’s get started.

1.How do you choose the right closure size for your bottle?

The pump closure has different threads to match different bottles, if you buy bottles from other place, but you want to buy pumps or closure from us, and you do not know the size, please read this article, there are detailed information and video to know how to choose the right size pump closure for your bottle.

2. How does a bamboo lotion pump work?

The working of a bamboo lotion pump is pretty easy to understand. But first, you need to know about its elements. Bamboo lotion pump has the following elements in its structure:

  • Actuator
  • Closure (this is made of PP+bamboo sleeve)
  • Outer gasket
  • Housing
  • Piston
  • Dip tube

All these pump elements work together to deliver the required functionality to the pump. Here is how a bamboo lotion pump works! The bamboo sleeve is a decoration roll.

When the user presses the actuator of the pump, the piston is pushed to press the spring. This action, in turn, produces upward air pressure that pulls the ball in the setup along. Along with the ball, the lotion in the tube is also pulled up.

On releasing the actuator, the spring, piston, and the ball in the structure move go back to their initial positions. When this happens, the sucked liquid is trapped in the dip tube. When the actuator is pressed again, the liquid is fetched again into the tube.

If the dip tube is small, the lotion will be on your hands in fewer pumps. However, if it is long, more pumping will be required to get the lotion out.

3. What kind of different specification bamboo lotion pump do you have?

Bamboo lotion pumps can be of various types based on countless aspects. We at ThreeBamboo offer bamboo lotion tubes with regular sizes that are as follows:

  • 18/410
  • 20/410
  • 24/410
  • 28/410

The diameter of the tubes is 18, 20, 24, and 28 millimeters. On top of this, the materials used in making the lotion pump are bamboo and PP plastic.

The color of the bamboo lotion pump is natural bamboo. However, if required, you can get the lotion pump in other colors too.

4. What products are ideal for dispensing for a bamboo lotion pump?

Ideally, if you are using a lotion dispenser, it should only be used for lotion. However, it can be used for any viscous liquid whose viscosity is more than water. For instance, you can use the lotion dispenser for storing and dispensing soap, hand wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and many other products.

5. Is the pump on the tube or bottle fixed permanently?

No, the pump on the lotion tube is not fixed. When you purchase lotion bottle pumps from ThreeBamboo, we obviously supply you only pumps. Therefore, the pumps can only be fixed temporarily on the lotion tube or bottle.

Moreover, it is best if you use it as a temporary closure only. If, in case, the lotion or any other product gets depleted in the tube, you can remove the pump and refill the tube for further use. Permanent closures are not that favorable.

6. What are the various parts of a bamboo lotion pump?

There are various parts of a bamboo lotion pump. We have mentioned them in the points above. Here is a detailed description of those parts!

Actuator: The top of the lotion pump that the user presses is an actuator. It is usually made of polypropylene plastic and can be of various designs based on your preferences. An actuator designed with user convenience in mind also has a down-lock and up-lock feature. This feature prevents the lotion from coming out of the bottle.

Closure: The closure of the bamboo lotion tube is what fixes it to the bottle. If you are buying the pumps from ThreeBamboo, the closure of the pump is made of Bamboo. However, it is usually made of PP. The side of the closure is usually ribbed or plain. Sometimes, it may also have a metal coating.

Outer gasket: The outer gasket is one of those elements that prevent the product stored inside the tube from any kind of leakage. It is usually made of PP and is friction fitted into the closure.

Housing: The housing of the lotion pump is also a critical element. It holds all the components that actually supply the user with the lotion. The housing is made of PP plastic, but you have to take care of it if you are purchasing the pump for the glass bottle. The diameter of their opening might not fit well on the bottle.

Interior components: The interior elements of the lotion pump include piston, spring, ball, and stem. The synchronized working of all these parts makes the bamboo lotion pump work as intended. These are housed inside the housing of the pump are made of different materials.

Dip tube: A dip tube is the part of the pump that connects it to the bottom of the bottle. It is dipped in the lotion or any other products stored in the tube or bottle.

7. What is the MOQ of the bamboo lotion pump?

We at ThreeBamboo have some of the best machines on the planet. Our 50+ digitally controlled machines make sure that all the products are produced and as per the required quality. If you are ordering regular lotion pumps from ThreeBamboo, our MOQ is 10,000 units. However, if there is any customization required, the MOQ may vary. You can contact our customer support to know the same.

8. Where can the bamboo lotion pump be used?

Well, the use of bamboo lotion pumps is not just limited to lotions or similar products. It has many other applications, the bamboo package can use different places, display at the bathroom, home, hotel, the usage like

  • Cosmetics products like foundation, concealer, and primer.
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Cleaning products
  • Creams and shampoos

There are many other areas where a bamboo pump sees the application.

9. What are the features of a bamboo lotion pump?

A bamboo lotion pump is a utilitarian product that has various brilliant features such as:

  • Durable: A bamboo lotion pump has a closure made of bamboo, which is super durable. As Bamboo can take around 3x more load than steel, it is less likely to break for a long time.
  • Aesthetic looks: Unlike the regular plastic, the bamboo lotion pump is way more aesthetic. Anyone seeing it is surefire to ask if it is real bamboo or not.
  • Leakproof: The bamboo lotion pump has a PP plastic router gasket which means there are no chances of any leakage whatsoever.
  • Non-toxic: If you are using Bamboo for lotion pumps, it is the best choice as it is entirely natural and biodegradable. It reduces carbon footprints and also keeps the environment clean.
  • Easy to handle and clean: One of the key reasons to choose bamboo lotion pumps is that they have a simple structure that is easy to handle ad clean.
  • Faster growth: The growth of bamboo is faster, which is one of the biggest plus points. As compared to other trees, Bamboo grows 2-5 times faster.
10. List some benefits of a bamboo lotion pump?

There is not one but many uses of bamboo lotion pump such as

  1. Easy access to products: When you are using a bamboo lotion pump, it is easy to access the product; you just have to press the actuator. Moreover, the lotion dispensed is also untouched.
  2. Eco-friendly: The chief benefit of using a bamboo lotion pump is that it is eco-friendly. The use of Bamboo reduces carbon footprints which in turn reduces plastic pollution.
  3. Prevents leakage: Bamboo also tends to prevent the leakage of the product stored in the tube or bottle.
  4. Moisture lock: The best pro of a lotion pump is that it restricts the contact of air with the product stored inside. Therefore, protecting its integrity and quality.
11. Is bamboo lotion pump reusable?

Yes, the bamboo pump is reusable. However, you need to keep some important things in mind for that. As bamboo is grass, it needs to be protected from being broken.

Other than that, if you keep the bamboo lotion pump in a moist environment, it gets damaged over a period of time.

Keep a check on these aspects, and you can reuse the bamboo lotion pump.

12. How to recycle bamboo lotion pump?

Well, we know that the bamboo lotion pump is made of bamboo as well as PP. Therefore, it is pretty easy to recycle. As far as the PP is concerned, half of the structure of the pump is made of PP; it can be easily recycled and formed into new products.

Other than that, the bamboo part of the lotion pump can be broken down and recycled naturally. A bamboo piece can take around 6 months to degrade in the soil. If the bamboo is broken down into bits and chips, it can even degrade faster. You can also use it as firewood.

13. Is the plastic used in making the bamboo lotion pump?

Yes, though the primary part of the bamboo lotion pump is bamboo, there are some elements in the structure that are made of plastic. The actuator, outer gasket, dip tube, and housing of the bamboo lotion pump is made of PP plastic which is completely recyclable.

14. Can you brand the bamboo lotion pump?

We at ThreeBamboo have a worldwide market. And we understand that every brand’s requirements are unique, which means that you will need your own logo printed on the closure of the pump. So, yes, we provide you with the required branding on your products.

To get the required branding on your product, you need to inform us in advance and get in touch with our sales team.

15. Is the bamboo lotion pump leakproof?

Before adding the gasket, we will need your bottle to do the airless test, so that we will use the right gasket to confirm if they are leakproof or not.

All the pumps at ThreeBamboo are made of the plastic outer gasket, which plays a pillar role in making the pump entirely leakproof. So, no more wastage of lotion or any other skincare or beauty product.

16. What is the bamboo lotion pump output per press?

If you are buying a bamboo lotion pump for tubes, you need to check how much lotion can be pumped per press. Usually, the bamboo lotion pump output is calculated in cc or ml. The volume of lotion or any other liquid dispensed by the pump varies from 0.5 to 8cc.

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