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  • We are manufacturer of sturdy, high-quality, and efficient lip balm tubes in China with experience of over 15 years. We prepare eco-friendly, non-toxic, and classy lip balm containers with natural bamboo and safe PP material. You can get the lip balm tubes with your desired logo and style.
  • Our company in China is equipped with advanced machinery. We have above 50 digital controlled machines. Through this machinery, we are capable of fulfilling the increasing demand of our customers.We aim to satisfy our customers by providing them premium quality lip balm tubes. Customer’s goals are our goals. We try to develop a long-term relationship with our customers.
  • We have highly qualified and experienced staff members. Our team keeps the customers updated about the new arrivals. They provide images and videos related to our bamboo lip balm products to the customers.Customers are treated in a manner that they feel like the essential part of our wholesale

Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes is The Top Choice For Your Balm Package

Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes
  • You can reuse bamboo lip gloss tubes. These are manufactured from natural bamboo and recyclable material. These tubes not only provide safe packaging but also beautify the visual appearance of the lip balms.
  • We are manufacturer and offer wide bamboo lip balm tubes in a variety of colors. However, these tubes possess the color of natural bamboo. To meet the customers’, taste these tubes can be coated with other colors. We can provide customized bamboo lip balm tubes by coating these tubes with the customer’s recommended color.
  • We also offer screen printing and laser engraving logo services. We have logo engraving machines.

Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes Category

Bamboo Lip Balm Tube

Most popular bamboo lip balm tubes, easy to screw and engraving/screen printing logo are both available

Bamboo Lip Balm Tube

Longer and thinner,looks  more elegance, especially the all bamboo sleeve looking

Paper Lip Balm Tube with Bamboo Lid

100% plastic free, paper tube with bamboo lid.With all vegan lip products

Golden/Silver Bamboo Lipstick Tube

Regular specifications of bamboo lipstick tubs, with golden and silver color

Bamboo Lip Gloss Tube

Normally lip gloss is plastic cap or plastic with electroplating, bamboo style is more natural

All Bamboo Lip Gloss Tube

Square shape is different from the normal round shape, looks more dimensional with the bamboo texture

Why Choose Three Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
For customers feedback about our products we offer close after-sale services as a supplier. After receiving images and videos from the customers, we try to solve their problems.
To acknowledge the customers about our bamboo lip balm tubes, we attend the industry exhibition in China and outside China. At this exhibition, we display our products. People can touch these products, and they can personally observe the quality of our bamboo lip balm containers. By analyzing our products, customers will be able to make their minds about buying these balm containers.
We are working as an international supplier of high-quality bamboo lip balm tubes in China. Our major clients are the natural skincare brands in Australia, Europe, and North America. We export 90 percent of our products to other countries.
We offer the fastest sample time . The duration for finishing the sample is ten days. When the customer places commercial order, then we will return the sample cost to our client. Our sample cost is 60USD per item, excluding the shipping charges.

Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide Buying Guide

Lip Balm is a necessary beauty product for those who face Chapped lips problems. If you are interested in natural packaging for your lip balm, bamboo lip balm tubes are the perfect option for you.
If you are new to eco-friendly packaging, the following guide can help you know more about it and find real answers.

1.Is Your Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes Eco Friendly?

ThreeBamboo is a professional company that deals with recyclable materials. When it comes to plastic use in bamboo lip balm containers, we prefer PP and PET.

As a manufacturer of bamboo lip gloss tube, we are supplier of natural and top-quality PP material that makes it environment friendly, BPA free, and non-toxic.

Eco Friendly Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes

ThreeBamboo R&D team is doing a great job as manufacturer by using post-consumer recycled material for the inner part of the container and tubes for a better alternative for waste management.

2.Is Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes Different from Any Other Lip Balm Tube?

ThreeBamboo’s motive is to reduce the use of plastic at a minimum level. We use bamboo for the outer part and everything in the making of bamboo lip balm tubes.

Other companies in China use electroplating techniques to induce aesthetic effects and different colors to make their packaging attractive. We don’t prefer it because electroplating is highly pollutive.

Our company uses 100% real bamboo so that our customers can feel natural beauty.  This bamboo and PP plastic is renewable and brings no harm to nature.

3.Do we Get the Sample Bamboo Lip Balm Tube from ThreeBamboo?

Yes, you can.

We offer free samples of bamboo lip balm tubes as a supplier. The only cost you have to bear is the freight charges or the shipping cost if you are ordering it from another country.

Suppose you want to customize a sample. You have to pay 60 USD for the sample cost. Please talk to our customer service to discuss more details.

4.Can Bamboo Lip Balm Tube be Reusable?

ThreeBamboo is famous for cutting down the waste of plastic by increasing the reusability of available plastic in China. You can talk with our manufacturer experts about innovative ways to reuse bamboo lip gloss tubes.

We are a part of a campaign with a marketing message “Doing Your Part for the Planet,” where we asked our customers to return the tubes and containers. By doing this, they earn some discount on their future purchases on wholesale rates .

5.What is your MOQ for the Bamboo Lip Balm Tube?

The minimum order quantity of bamboo lip balm tube on the ThreeBamboo is 1,00pcs. For further information, you can contact our customer service team. They will guide you and note your requirements.

6.What Should I Know Before Ordering Bamboo Lip Balm Tube?

When you are going to buy a bamboo lip balm tube, you must have to know that the products have the following features:

  • Bamboo lip balm tube made of high-quality PP plastic and natural bamboo.
  • These lip gloss tubes must be reusable and eco-friendly.
  • Have a Snap-On cap that securely holds on the bamboo lip balm tube to prevent leaks.
  • Whether you can get customized bamboo lip balm tubes or not. If yes, ThreeBamboo can help you with custom packaging and engrave logos.

7.How Can You Inform our Customer About Bamboo Tube Discard Process?

ThreeBamboo has a responsive customer service team that informs our customers about the bamboo tube discard process. They tell them that the bamboo part of the lip balm tube is sustainable, and they can separate the bamboo from the plastic.

After separating bamboo from plastic, they have to recycle the plastic. They can add the bamboo part of the tube to flower pots after chipping, or they can throw it away.

8.How Many Types of Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes Do You Manufacture at ThreeBamboo?

We have been in this field of bamboo packaging for years and have experience of about 15 years. We have som own designs of bamboo lip balm tubes, bamboo lip gloss tubes, and bamboo lipstick tubes. Other than that we can also accommodate the product according to your demand.

9.Is the Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes Worth Buying?

Yes, it is. ThreeBamboo provides their customers bamboo lip balm containers and tubes that are excellent in quality and 100% eco-friendly.

We offer fast shipping, MOQ, bulk order, free sample, and customization that make buying bamboo lip balm tubes worth buying. Its bamboo packaging enhances its brand value.

The most worth buying is bamboo lip balm because this is much suitable for vegan or natural lip balm products.

Different Kinds of Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes

10.What is the Production Time of Packages at ThreeBamboo?

ThreeBamboo takes only seven days for the bamboo lip balm tubes that are already stocked. You can contact our customer service to check whether your desired bamboo lip balm containers are in stock or not.

In the case of customized bamboo lip balm tubes, the duration of production time at ThreeBamboo range between 35-40 days. Our production team can give you a better idea about lead time based on the total number of lip balm tubes packaging you want.

11.Are Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes always stocked?

At ThreeBamboo, bamboo lip balm tubes are primarily in stock because we keep everything to accommodate our customer’s needs.

But for custom samples, you have to wait because our regular stock necessarily includes bamboo glass jars, bamboo lipstick tubes. If you want to place an order at ThreeBamboo, get in touch with our service team to get more information about your desire product.

12.Is It Possible to Add Logo on Bamboo Lip Balm Tubes?

Yes, it is.

ThreeBamboo offers their customer customize bamboo lip balm tubes by adding the logo of their brand. If you want to add a logo, you need to provide your logo in high-resolution AI work.

Engraving Bamboo Lipstick Tube

After this, our production team takes care of the rest. You can also select what type of printing (screen printing, paper printing, laser printing) you want on your bamboo lip balm tube order.

13 How Can I Order Bamboo Lip Balm Tube from ThreeBamboo?

You can avail of OEM services from ThreeBamboo. All you need to do is follow the given procedure to place your bamboo lip gloss tube order.

  • Get n touch with our service team.
  • Send us about the raw material and specifications through email.
  • Our executives assess how to work according to your details.
  • We will send you a detailed quote.
  • After this, the ThreeBamboo production team creates a sample according to your demands.
  • You will receive your order, and that’s it

14. If There Is Any Defective Bamboo Lip Balm Tube, what should we do?

When you receive bamboo lip balm tube packaging from ThreeBamboo, you don’t need to worry about anything in case of any defective product.

If the product face manufacturing damage or one during transit, contact our customer team, and we will take care of everything. ThreeBamboo customer service team makes sure to make up for the defective bamboo lip balm tubes in your next order.

15. Is There a Chance Bamboo Lip Balm Tube Get Moldy?

Bamboo doesn’t go moldy when it is kept at room temperature and balance humidity. But if you place it in the dump spaces like the bathroom, it gets stale.

ThreeBamboo uses a special coating treatment to prevent our bamboo lip balm tubes from getting moldy. We also guide our customers to keep their bamboo lip balms containers in dry and convenient spaces.

16. Why is Your Bamboo Lip Balm Tube Expensive Compared to other Balm Tubes?

Compared to other glass or plastic lip balm tubes and containers, ThreeBamboo uses 100% natural bamboo to produce its products. Bamboo is quite expensive than plastic and glass because of its drive-by nature when it comes to cost.

Another factor that makes bamboo lip balm tubes a little expensive is that their process is by hand; that’s why labor costs a reasonable amount.

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