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  • Natural products are the best, and ThreeBamboo is the master in their creation. In the case of Bamboo, we have an overall experience of 15 years of making cutting-edge Bamboo products. No matter if it is a bottle, jar, or a tube, ThreeBamboo excels in producing all of them.
  • As the demand for natural products is high these days, ThreeBamboo stays ready for anything. Our massive production process is controlled by 50+ digital controlled machines to meet customers’ increasing demand. It means that there is enough capacity to handle large orders. Other than this, the production process for Bamboo jar wholesale, bottle, or any other product is also backed by 2 assembly lines.
  • Our Bamboo jar wholesale product line has various products, including natural candle jars, food jars along with aluminium, plastic, and a glass jar with Bamboo lids. Hence, you have a lot to choose from. We have our own designs; however, we can also produce them as per the customer’s need. Both OEM and ODM are available.

Bamboo Jar is a Sustainable and Trendy Package

Figure 1-Bamboo Jar
  • As Bamboo is a sustainable grass, it can be used with cosmetics. For instance, one can easily store cosmetics products like moisturizers, face cream, eye cream, etc. To ensure that you get the ideal product, ThreeBamboo inspects everything closely and provides you with various choices for Bamboo jar wholesale.
  • Bamboo is not just limited to great functionality, but it also adds aesthetics. The Bamboo used for making the bottles and jars has a blend of glass and recycled plastic that add grace to the overall design of the package.
  • ThreeBamboo specializes in Bamboo as it is harder than wood. Other than this, it grows faster and is easily accessible. On top of all, Bamboo is eco-friendly, which makes it an ideal choice for natural products

Bamboo Jar Category

Figure 2-All Bamboo Jar for Makeup Brush

100% natural bamboo jar or brush pot to store your makeup brush, or anything you want to fill into the jar.

Figure 3-Glass Liner with All Bamboo Cream Jar

This is the top-sale bamboo cream jar, sustainable glass and bamboo,a good choice for your organic formulation face cream

Figure 4-Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid

With glass, also with bamboo lid,the cream color can be shown from the glass, especially with colorful cream looks  beautiful

Figure 5-Canister with Airtight Bamboo Lid

Used for some food storage, such as hollow,seeds etc. With silicon sealing to confirm the airtight, so that the air can not go into the jar, the food can be dry

Figure 6-PET Jar with Bamboo Lid

Use for mask, body butter, there is clear/frosted/amber jar available.

Figure 7-Candle Jar with Bamboo Lid

Thick glass,different capacity glass jar with bamboo lid for candle, different colors coating available, but you have to meet the MOQ

Why Choose Bamboo Jar From ThreeBamboo?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
ThreeBamboo offers 24*7 customer support for all the customer issues. No matter where you are, our customer support will surely assist you at any hour. They will provide you with pictures and live videos of the production process. Though you might be on the other side of the planet, you will never feel away from ThreeBamboo.
The supremacy of ThreeBamboo is not just limited to sales, but we also have top-end after-sales services.It is possible that you might receive a broken or damaged product. This is primarily due to the transportation of the product but no need to worry. Just inform us about the same with pictures and videos, and we will find a solution for that.
We are super quick to assist you with all of your sample requests. Whether it is our idea or yours, our team caters to you with all the information. The turnaround time for a sample is around 10 days.
Our packing and dispatch team ensures that your order reaches you in a minimum time. We take around 7 days to assemble the standard items. In the case of special orders, it may take more time.

Bamboo Jar Wholesale: The Definitive Buying Guide

If you’re seriously considering investing in bamboo packaging for your cosmetic or skincare  products, the following will help you find real answers. You’ll learn how to order from a bamboo cream jar manufacturer from China no matter where in the world you are. It’s an easy guide whether you’re a newbie or a pro with eco-conscious packaging.

1.Are Bamboo jars biodegradable?

Yes, Bamboo jars are completely biodegradable and compostable. In fact, Bamboo has emerged as one of the most preferred choices for packaging various products such as beauty, food, and others. On top of this, it has various environmental benefits, too, such as it produces 35% more oxygen as compared to the trees of the same volume.

2.Are Bamboo lids air-tight?

No matter which Bamboo packaging product you buy, all of them have air-tight lids. The presence of air-tight lids ensures that all of your contents, especially food remain fresh in an airless environment. Moreover, it also ensures that the contents of the container do not leak out, for instance, lotions or moisturizers. ThreeBamboo caters airless bottles to you that offer the same functionality.

Figure 8-how to keep the bamboo lid air-tight

3.Can Bamboo plastic be recycled?

Most of the Bamboo jars are made of Bamboo just from the outside. The inside containers are made of either glass, metal, or plastic, and the plastic used in these containers is recyclable. As far as ThreeBamboo is concerned, the jars are made from PET and PP plastic which is easy to recycle. Thus, making them the best choice for your beauty products as well as eatables.

4.What are the various types of Bamboo jars?

As Bamboo can be clubbed with various other materials, ThreeBamboo offers its users  of various types. From cosmetics industry to storage industry, the main category is bamboo jar for cosmetics . The jars  also uses materials like glass, PET or PP plastic, and acrylic for making these jars.

Figure 9-Different kinds of bamboo jars

5.What is the volume of Bamboo jars available at ThreeBamboo?

There are various types of  jars available at ThreeBamboo, and all of them have their respective volumes. If we had to arrive at a range, the volume of all the jars offered by ThreeBamboo lies between 5ml to 500ml. In terms of capacity, the range is 5g to 100g. So, you can opt for the one you like.

6.How should we dispose of the Bamboo jar wholesale once it is used?

They are primarily made of glass, plastic, and Bamboo. Hence, when you are done using them, you can carefully crack the Bamboo, chip it into tiny pieces and add it to the plants. Other than this, you can simply throw away the Bamboo-part as it is biodegradable. As far as plastic and glass are concerned, they both are recyclable. Therefore, when the contents of the jar are used out, you can clean it and reuse it for a second time.This is our more suggesting way.

Figure 10-How to handle the empty bamboo jar

7.Can I obtain a sample of the Bamboo jar wholesale?

Yes, you can request and obtain a sample of your customized or listed product. All you have to do is tell us your requirements if it is a customized jar, and we will make it for you and send it to you in a stipulated time. You must know that though the sample of the jar will be free, you still have to pay the freight charges. If the sample requested by you is non-existing, you have to pay $60 for one sample product.

8.Are Bamboo jars expensive?

The answer to this critical question entirely depends on the comparison with other materials. For example, if you are comparing Bamboo with plastic, it is highly expensive as plastic is recyclable and can be used for an extended period. On the other hand, Bamboo is cheaper as compared to wood and has better durability. Moreover, it is also lightweight. In short, they are cheap as compared to wood but expensive in comparison to plastic and glass.

9.How many Bamboo jars can I order at once?

ThreeBamboo offers you various types of Bamboo jars to choose from, and all of them have different MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). For instance, if you want to order a regular stock bamboo jar wholesale, we will not limit you to a predefined MOQ. On the other hand, if you order some customized bamboo jar wholesale, you need to check the MOQ of the respective item. Other than this, you can also contact our customer support team to confirm the MOQ.

10.What are the various shipping methods available?

The shipping service of ThreeBamboo is one of the best. To make sure that your order is in time, they have tied up with FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc. Other than that, if you have a bulk order, ThreeBamboo also offers you air and freight shipping options.

Figure 11-How to ship bamboo jar to you

11.Are there any negative effects of Bamboo jars?

As of now, there are no negative effects of Bamboo jars. They are an eco-friendly choice for storing food as well as cosmetics. The best thing about it is that they are versatile aesthetic and produce more oxygen as compared to other trees. This helps in reducing the carbon footprints.

12.Is Bamboo Jar wholesale packaging safe?

Bamboo jar packaging is divided into two types: Bamboo lids and Bamboo containers. They are environmentally friendly, safe, and non-toxic. The main components of Bamboo products are cellulose fibre, hemicellulose, lignin, and other organic compounds. Unlike other materials like plastic, they do not react with any of the stored material in them. Thus, making them ideal in terms of safety.

13.How long does a Bamboo jar last?

To be honest, it will entirely depend on you how long you want to use a Bamboo jar. If it is made of glass and Bamboo, it can be reused several times by washing the glass properly as glass does not affect any food or cosmetics. On the other hand, the one that has plastic in it needs to be recycled after one-time use. Bamboo is recyclable and safe. Hence, you can use it for as long as it is not damaged.

14.Why is Bamboo better than wood?

Well, there are many reasons for Bamboo being better than wood. Here are some of them:

  • Bamboo is lighter than wood that makes it fit for carrying Bamboo jars from one place to another.
  • Bamboo grows way faster than wood. Wood can take decades to grow. However, Bamboo can grow within 3-5 years.
  • Bamboo is 2-3 times stronger than wood. Thus, fit for long-term usage.
  • Lastly, Bamboo is also cheaper than wood.

Figure 12-Why is Bamboo better than wood_

15.Does Bamboo attract mould?

Bamboo is grass that needs an absolutely dry environment to give its best performance. If you will keep your Bamboo jars in or near moist surroundings like in the washroom or somewhere outside, it may lead to the moulding of the Bamboo. Therefore, to ensure that your Bamboo jar does not attract any mould, keep it in a place that has sunlight and air circulation. It will prevent the jars from damage.

16.Can we add a logo or design on a Bamboo jar?

Yes, it is possible to add a logo or design to your jars. At ThreeBamboo, we have both OEM services, which means that you can suggest to us what you want on your jar, and we can make it for you using either screen printing or laser engraving method. We also have some of our designs if you like to choose from them.

Figure 13-How to add logo on bamboo

17.How much time is required to ship Bamboo jars?

At ThreeBamboo, no matter what kind of product you have ordered, the lead time is between 35-40 days. It means whether you have opted for a Glass jar with a Bamboo lid or PP inner with all Bamboo jars, it will take around 35-40 days for ThreeBamboo to produce the order.

18.Can we reuse a Bamboo jar?

Yes, it can be reused only if it is not broken. Moreover, if the whole jar is made of Bamboo, it should not be used for storing any liquid. Unlike this, if the jar has a glass inner, it can be reused as long as it remains in a usable state. In the case of plastic like PET and PP, you need to recycle the jar after one use.

19.What is the manufacturing process of a Bamboo jar?

At ThreeBamboo, we have over 50 numerically controlled machines along with 2 assembly lines, 3 polishing lines, and 2 coating lines. All of these ensure that the final product is up to mark. Here is a summary of the production process:

  • Bamboo Cutting: Bamboo boards are organized and cut into the required sizes.
  • Shaping: Digitally controlled lathes machines are used to provide shape to the Bamboo jars.
  • Polishing: After shaping, polishing of jars happens with polishing machines.
  • Sustainable coating: Sustainable coating is added to provide strength to the jar.
  • Assembly and packing: This is where the shipment is packed into cartons.
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