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  • When it comes to keeping your precious beauty products close to nature, ThreeBamboo ensures that they are completely safe in terms of quality. ThreeBamboo is a proud producer of the bamboo dropper bottle that can be used to store many of your beauty products such as perfume, toner, moisturizer, and more!
  • Our production process is governed by over 50 lathe digital machines accompanied by a human workforce to ensure optimum quality. The collaboration of the two allows us to uplift the production capacity of the bamboo essential oil bottle. This enables us to meet the increasing demands of our market, which is primarily North America and Europe.
  • The quality of our bamboo dropper bottle is strictly controlled and backed by 15 years of experience. Moreover, we are not just limited to providing the products, but we also offer OEM service for the bottle.

Bamboo Dropper Bottle
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Bamboo Dropper Bottle
  • Being one of the prime suppliers of the bamboo dropper bottle, ThreeBamboo offers the bottle in one material combination, namely glass and Bamboo. Bamboo forms the outer shell of the bottle.
  • The bamboo shell of the dropper bottle replaces the traditional plastic layer. Thus, adding beauty to its design while also being eco-friendly.
  • The use of a bamboo dropper bottle is not just limited to you. You can also get the bottle customized as per your brand logo to sell further to your customers. You can get the logo customized in the form of engraving or silk printing.

Bamboo Dropper Bottle Category

Figure 2-Glass Liner with All Bamboo Dropper Bottle

30ml and 50ml all bamboo dropper bottle are most popular ones, especially used for serum and oil

Figure 3-Glass Liner All Bamboo Press Dropper Bottle

The press dropper is a luxury design than normal electroplating press dropper, much more natural

Figure 4-Amber Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper

This dropper bottle is suitable for the oil that should be avoid the light with sensitive formulation

Figure 5-Frosted clear Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper

This bottle is suitable for some oil or serum with colors, it can show out from the clear glass

Figure 6-Color Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper

The oil or serum liquid is clear, only with transparent glass will be seen blank, the coating glass will help the packaging more choices.

Figure 7-Frosted Black Coating Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper

Sensitive formulation oil, or CBD oil is suitable for filling into the black coating bamboo dropper bottle

Figure 8-Flat Shoulder Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper

A different choice with normal round shoulder bottle with dropper

Figure 9-Frosted White Coating Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper

White is fresh,different tech let your packaging have more choices combing with bamboo

Figure 10-Pear Shape Bottle with Bamboo Dropper

Some customer prefer the unsual shape bottle, this is a good choice.

Figure 11-Glass Bottle with CRC

CRC dropper is for Children Resistant Cap, especially the bottle filled with CBD oil

Figure 12-Square Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper

Different styles of glass bottle will show different visual looking matching bamboo

Figure 13-Oblique Shoulder Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper

Different styles of glass bottle will show different visual looking matching bamboo

Why Choose Three Bamboo Dropper Bottle?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
Our bamboo essential oil bottle is the hot-sale items, and over 90% products are exported to outside of China, the main market in North American, Europe and Australia.
For regular items ,we keep in stock, in this case you will not be limited by the MOQ,we support some start-up companies. You can contact our sales team to ask if the items you are interested in if there is stock
We have screen printing and laser engraving service to add your artwork on the bamboo dropper , you can design and just send us the AI file, then we can do the label for you and do not limit the quantity
Delivery time is within 7 days if you book our stock items, we just need some time to assemble and pack for you. If you need order produced packages, the standard production time is 35-40 days after the deposit.

Bamboo Dropper Bottle: A Definitive Buying Guide

With the increased use of plastic in everything, people are moving towards eco-friendly ways of storing things, especially beauty products, eatables, and medicines. When it comes to eco-friendly storage solutions, Bamboo Dropper Bottle is one of the best products for storing your essential oils or serums. If you are inclined towards buying this awesome product, it is best to buy from Three Bamboo! You may ask why? Well, go through the following section to know!

1.What is a Bamboo Dropper Bottle?

The dropper  is an innovative piece of feeding bottle that is commonly used for feeding a small amount of liquid at a given time. Usually, glass or plastic bottles are used for feeding but being an eco-friendly choice; Bamboo is widely preferred today. These bottles can be used to feed essential oils, aromatherapy oils, and even shampoos.

2.What is the use of Bamboo Dropper Bottle?

Bamboo pipette bottle, just like other dropper bottles, is used for dispensing liquids like oil, serum, lotion, and others in a very small quantity. If you are planning to get one, ensure that it blends well with whatever you are planning to store in it.

3.How does a Bamboo Dropper work?

The working of a bamboo dropper bottle is pretty simple. The bamboo pipette bottle consists of a pipette glass dropper and a rubber squeeze bulb on top of a bamboo screw cap. You have to pinch the bulb to get the liquid inside the pipette and repress the bulb to drop small amounts of liquid. This way, the bottle is used to feed a small amount of liquid.

4.Are Bamboo Dropper Bottles recyclable?

Bamboo essential oil Bottles are made from plastic, glass, and bamboo. Hence, they are easy to recycle. Three Bamboo uses PET or PP plastic for making bottles, both of which are recyclable. Other than that, glass can also be reused after rinsing it thoroughly.


Figure 14-Recycle Material

5.How to discard Bamboo Dropper Bottle after use? What should we inform the customers?

Bamboo is sustainable. So, as a customer, you just need to separate the bamboo from glass and plastic. Further, you can just add the bamboo to plants by chipping it or just throw it away. Other than that, plastic can be easily recycled.

6.What are the advantages of Bamboo Dropper Bottles?

One of the key advantages of the bamboo dropper bottle is its sturdy design. Other than that, it is environment-friendly, so no bad effects on the environment. Once you are done using it, they can be easily thrown away or chipped off. Unlike other materials, it has a unique look and grace.

7.How do you use a Bamboo Dropper Bottle?

The bottle is pretty easy to use. Here are the steps:

  • Hold the bulb of the dropper pipette and immerse it in the liquid.
  • Squeeze the rubber bulb to draw the liquid into the pipette and release the bulb.
  • Gently squeeze the rubber bulb again to release the liquid into a container or anywhere else.

Figure 15-how to use dropper bottle-squeeze the dropper

8.Can I label it on the Bamboo Dropper Bottle?

Yes, if you want, you can get the Bamboo Dropper Bottle labeled. With Three Bamboo, it is pretty easy to get the bottles labeled as per your brand needs. For this, you need to provide high-resolution AI artwork and specify what kind of printing you want. The printing on the bamboo dropper bottle is of various types like screen printing, paper printing, or laser printing. You can choose any of them as per your preference.

9.For your Bamboo Dropper Bottles, how many choices for the glass straws  for us?

It is  one of our finest products. And for our finest product, we have made the finest glass straws or glass pipettes. Three Bamboo provides different types of glass straws that vary in terms of their feeding tips. Other than that, these glass straws are also classified as graduated and non-graduated glass straws.


Figure 16-Glass Straw


10.What kind of droppers do you have to match the Bamboo Dropper Bottles?

Most of the droppers that are matched with bamboo dropper bottles are made of glass with a rubber bulb on the top. The color of this rubber bulb is with different  colors to choose  as far as the products produced by Three Bamboo are concerned.


Figure 17-Rubber Dropper

11.What is your MOQ for the Bamboo Dropper Bottle?

If you are ordering the bottles for storing essential oils, the minimum order quantity required by Three Bamboo is 1000 units. In contrast, if you are ordering just the dropper bottles enclosure for 18/410 neck (just the lid with the bulb and pipette), we require no MOQ, because 18/410 neck dropper is regular stock.

12.Can we get the samples for the Bamboo Dropper Bottles?

Yes, you can surely get the samples of the  bottles free of cost. However, you are required to pay the freight charges or the shipping charges for the same. We will make the sample product as per your unique requirements and will send it to you within the requested time frame. Post that, you can analyze the product and make your decision.


13.Bamboo product is easy to mold, how about your bamboo dropper bottle?

Yes, it is true that bamboo products as easy to mold if they are kept in a damp space like a bathroom. However, our bamboo dropper bottle is not like that. Three Bamboo’s  Cosmetic Package undergoes a special coating treatment in the clear hue that prevents the formation of mold. Hence, it is advised that the users should keep the bottle in a dry place.

14.How do you control the quality of the Bamboo Dropper Bottle?

Well, to be clear, our entire production process is developed to carefully check the quality of the product by physically touching it. Our quality experts analyze each product by the touch of their hands to ensure optimum quality. The quality checks undertaken by Three Bamboo are failproof, so you don’t have to worry about it. If there is some broken during the transportation with some outside pressure, we will help to solve the problem, this is our service.

15.Some Bamboo Dropper Bottles happen to crack, how about yours?

Bamboo is robust. However, it also has a limit. Under some unfavorable conditions, it can break like the use of poor quality bamboo and less shell thickness. We ensure that we make the product, in this case, Bamboo Dropper Bottle with good quality bamboo. If, in any case, you receive a broken product due to any reason, we will send a new one for you as a replacement. You need to inform us about the same via email or the contact us form.

16.If there are some defective Bamboo Dropper Bottles when we receive them, will you solve this for us?

If you receive any defective bamboo dropper bottles in your shipment, you don’t have to worry about that. As long as they got damaged in transit or have a manufacturing defect, we will make up for them in your next order. However, you need to inform us about it .

17.We want to resell the Bamboo Dropper Bottles, Can we cooperate with Three Bamboo?

Yes, if you want to resell the Bamboo Dropper Bottles, you can collaborate with Three Bamboo. You can let us know your requirements, and we will introduce our top-rated items for you in the market.

18.Which shipping is available?

There are various shipping services offered by Three Bamboo for you to choose from, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc. Other than these, Three Bamboo also offers air shipping or freight shipping if your order is bulky.

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