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  • Looking at the upscale in the beauty industry, one thing is for sure; it’s not going down anytime soon. Like other industries, the beauty industry is also opting for eco-friendly products, and ThreeBamboo is one of the best manufacturers of eco-friendly beauty packaging. ThreeBamboo has experience of 17 years. One of their best packaging is aluminum plastic tube and has been in manufacturing since 2004.
  • ThreeBamboo is one of the leading producers of aluminum plastic tube, but it’s not limited to the workings of the beauty industry. Their biodegradable products have registered their importance and utility in various sectors like skincare, painting, food, pharmaceutical, hair care, chemicals, medicine, etc.
  • We have the industry best equipment in our 3 layer workshop that extends to an area of 6500 square meters, which roughly equals 68 football fields. Our giant workshop consists of advanced level machinery like a smoke machine, injection machine, automatic offset printing machine, silk-screen printing machine, golden hot stamp printing machine, labeling machine, etc. The collaboration of these machines allows us to produce excellent aluminum plastic tube.

Why Aluminum Plastic Tube Popular?

  • Our aluminum plastic tube packaging is made with a combination of aluminum and plastic. The blend of these materials makes it highly secure by preventing it from any kind of infiltration or oxidation.
  • Another cool feature of these tubes is that they are print-friendly. It is convenient to realize desirable prints and designs by combining various printing technologies.
  • These tubes are lightweight but cannot rebound. This aspect makes the aluminum plastic tube easy to squeeze. Moreover, you can easily know how much content is left in the tube.

Why Choose Three Bamboo Aluminum Plastic Tube?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
ThreeBamboo ensures that the products are of supreme quality while keeping the waste to a minimum. We accomplish this with a strict quality control procedure. Apart from a specified process, our personnel checks each product by hand.
We produce a wide range of sustainable products fit for various purposes. Along with this, we also offer extensive decoration options made possible with our advanced printing technologies like offset printing, silk-screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, and more.
ThreeBamboo delivers its products all across the globe and can work out almost any type of delivery service. You can get your order delivered by air, sea, or door-to-door express service.
Just delivering the aluminum plastic tube does not imply customer satisfaction. We understand that very well, and our excellent aftersale services leave no room for doubt or inconvenience. We can assist with any of your after-sale issues.

Aluminum Plastic Tube FAQs

Full information about aluminum plastic tube is listed here, you can know more about the packaging and you will know how to choose the tube for your brand packaging. Let’s get started.

1.What is an aluminum plastic tube?

An aluminum plastic tube is an excellent packaging option to choose for storing beauty and other products. The packaging stands out from the others in terms of material which is a combination of aluminum and plastic. The inclusion of both these materials makes it both robust and visually appealing. ThreeBamboo is a prime producer of these tubes.

2.What materials are used to make aluminum plastic tubes?

As teased above, the materials used are plastic and aluminum. ThreeBamboo deals with producing tubes of 100% PE cosmetic tube and PCR plastic. Therefore, either of these two plastic variants is used to make aluminum plastic tubes.

3.How is it different from PE plastic tubes?

There are many aspects based on which the PE plastic can be differentiated from the aluminum plastic tube. Here are some of them!

  • Eco-friendliness: The PE plastic tube is made of a single type of plastic which makes it 100% recyclable. On the other hand, the aluminum plastic tube is made from a blend of plastic and aluminum, which is not completely recyclable.
  • Tubes transparency: The tubes made from PE plastic are transparent w.r.t aluminum plastic tubes. Therefore, if the cream has colors, it will be visible in the PE tube.
  • Rebound effect: The rebound effect in the PE tube is good as it attains the same shape again. On the other hand, the aluminum plastic tube stays in the same shape as you mold it.
4.Are these tubes safe to use?

Yes, the aluminum plastic tube is safe to use but only once. As they are not 100% recyclable, you cannot use the same tube again even after recycling; you need to get a new one.

5.What other industries utilize aluminum plastic tubes?

The use of aluminum plastic tubes is not just limited to the beauty industry, but it can be used in various other industries. Some of the industries that use aluminum plastic tube packaging are skincare, haircare, pharmaceutical, chemicals, food, medicine, painting, etc.

6.What benefits do these have over PE plastic tubes?

The aluminum plastic tubes have very limited advantages over the PE plastic tubes. However, they are worth each of them. Aluminum plastic tubes offer the following pros:

  • They don’t have a good rebound effect. It means that when you squeeze the tube, they will not return to the same shape as before. This feature helps in knowing how much product, i.e., cream or facewash, is left in the tube.
  • These tubes have a better obstruct function that ensures zero oxidation and quality of the product.
7.Can aluminum be decorated? If yes, How can ThreeBamboo decorate my tubes?

Yes, the aluminum plastic tube can be decorated, and ThreeBamboo can do it for you. ThreeBamboo offers various printing methods through which you can get beautifully decorated tubes. Here are some of those methods:

  • Off-set printing: The best thing about off-set printing is that it is low cost, can be done in 6 colors at once and can be gradually varied across the surface of the tube.
  • Hot stamp printing: Hot stamp printing is more of a shinier printing that is done on the tubes. These tubes are for mascara, lip glosses, foundations, and creams. The colors available in hot stamp printing are Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Rose-Golden.
  • Screen printing: The screen printing method is one of the best. It can be used to print beautiful graphics and patterns on the tubes. However, it is very costly in the case of small orders. You can get a maximum of five colors printed, and it also feels good on the hands.
  • Labeling: This is the most basic type of printing that is done on blank tubes.
8.What kind of design file do I need to provide?

When you place an order with us, we need to prepare a lot of things to produce it in time. Therefore, if you are ordering an aluminum plastic tube, we request you to submit the design file in an AI file or CDR file to us. It should have the right dimensions along with the Pantone color number. These all things are required to prepare the printing film for making the tubes.

9.How long will ThreeBamboo take to realize my printing?

As there are many things to do before, during, and after the printing process, we can complete your printing order in 10 days. The process includes adjusting the printing ink, preparing the printing film, adjusting the printing machine, and lining up the printing machines.

10.What is the structure of an aluminum plastic tube?

ThreeBamboo produces tubes of various types and structures. The structure of the aluminum plastic tube is a bit different from the others. It has an aluminum layer sandwiched between two plastic layers on each side. The plastic layers add grace to its design, whereas the aluminum layer ensures robustness. It has a three-layered structure, whereas there are some tubes made by ThreeBamboo that have a five-layered structure.

11.What are the dimensions of the aluminum plastic tube?

First of all, ThreeBamboo produces tubes in two shapes, namely round and oval. Moreover, if we take a look at the dimensions, the diameter of the tubes can vary from 13 to 50 millimeters. The length of the tube varies based on the volume of the tube.

For instance, if you are purchasing a tube of diameter 25mm and volume 50ml, the overall length of the tube will be close to 130mm. ThreeBamboo provides customers with tubes varying from 43 to 220mm in length. This means that if a tube of longer length is required, the volume can be changed, but the diameter can’t be.

12.Why are some tubes shining and some matte?

This thing entirely depends on the type of surface treatment we provide to the aluminum plastic tube at ThreeBamboo. Here are some of the cool aspects of these surface finishing!

  • Shining tube:The tube has a shining look as we use shining oil to treat its surface. The design in this finishing is gradually varied.
  • Matte: The matte look of the tube is due to the matte oil which is used to treat its surface. It makes the tube luxurious. However, it may look dirty if the tube is white.

So, the reason some tubes are matte and some are shiny is due to the surface treatment.

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