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  • The use of beauty products is on the rise. And with their rising use, the need for eco-friendly packaging has also become vital, not to forget the carbon footprints. As the concern for environmental safety has increased, the world has seen a boost in eco-friendly packaging manufacturers. ThreeBamboo is one of those many manufacturers that excel in producing out-of-the-box packagings for beauty products. One of their prime products is the airless tube that has been manufactured since 2004.
  • We at ThreeBamboo have a wide range of airless tube products and their respective customization. ThreeBamboo offers various types of printing options and surface treatments. You can get your airless tube packaging decorated via silk-screen printing, offset printing, or hot stamping. Other than that, you can also beautify your products via matte or shining surface treatment.
  • Although we serve the entire world with our products and services, our primary market is North America and Europe. We ship our innovative set of airless pump tubes via various shipping methods such as by air, by sea, and even door-to-door delivery. All these factors and aspects make us one of the ideal airless tubes cosmetic manufacturers.

Airless Tube is a clean and easy-using packaging for your products

Figure 1-Airless Tube
  • Moving parallel towards a common goal of environment protection, ThreeBamboo makes airless tubes that are completely recyclable and environment friendly. The tubes made are made of 100% recyclable PE plastic.
  • The most important part about the airless pump tube is that it confines the air inside the tube, which decreases the oxidation, and pressure is increased. The airless pump makes it easy to squeeze the cream out and keep the cream tube clean.
  • Our team of professional process handlers handles the tube designing process pretty easily. Different technologies are used to realize your preferred design on the tube. Our designs stay intact and colorful with time.

Why Choose ThreeBamboo Airless Tube?

Our Workshop
Our Workshop
With over 15 years bamboo products production experiences, 50+ digital controlled lathe. ThreeBamboo has a very effective production line
Our Assemble and QC line
Our Assemble and QC line
ThreeBamboo using the assemble by hand 100% to combine the assemble and quality control together to confirm the the bamboo package you buy is meet your demand
Our Warehouse
Our Warehouse
With abundant bamboo raw material and over almost 1000 square meters warehouse to store the bamboo cream jar,bamboo lotion bottle,bamboo roller bottle etc.
Our airless tube manufacturing process is controlled by various ingenious machines. Some of our best machines that streamline the development process are offset printing machines, auto-labeling machines, smoke machines, hot-stamp printing machines, etc.
The airless tubes made by ThreeBamboo might be limited to the beauty sector. But, our other products are fit for many other industries. The PE plastic packagings made by ThreeBamboo are ideal for food, chemicals, hair care, and many other industries.
Though we carefully test each of our products before shipping. If, in any case, you get a bad product, you can contact our customer support team for help! They will assist you with all your product issues!
We take care of our customers after the sales process too. If you find any of our products not up to your expectations, you can share pictures or clips of that product, and we will do the needful for you.

Airless Tube-The Full FAQs

Airless tube is a combination of tube with airless pump, this is a good package for sensitive formulation of cream ,foundation, lotion etc. Below is a full FAQs for airless tube,you can check useful information from them, and if you are still have any other question without answer below, contact us directly!

1. What is airless tube packaging?

An airless tube packaging has a functional dispensing pump on top of its structure that restricts the air contact entirely by keeping it from entering the tube. Not only this, the pump on the top ensures that the cream or any other beauty product is dispensed precisely. Although there are many products that are made to protect the material inside the tube from air contact, the airless tube packaging takes its leaps ahead.

2. Does an airless tube have a pump on it?

Yes, the  tube has a pump on it which is why it is called an airless pump tube. Unlike other tubes, the pump on top of this one ensures that an appropriate amount of product is dispensed at a time. This avoids a lot of product wastage.

3. What are the advantages of airless pump packaging?

As explained above, airless tube packaging takes tube packaging leaps ahead and has become one of the most preferred ways to protect beauty products. Here are some of its advantages!

  • Boosts shelf life: One of the key benefits of  tubes cosmetic is that they boost the shelf life of the product. As the pump restricts the air contact to the product and prevents contamination, its shelf life automatically increases.
  • Easy and required dispensing: With an airless bottle in hand, you don’t have to worry about over or under-dispensing. The vacuum pump ensures that a fixed amount of cream or lotion is dispensed, preventing wastage.
  • Shields antioxidants: Antioxidants are one of the key ingredients in creams that protect the skin cells from damage. However, if they come in contact with air, the effect of antioxidants may decrease or diminish. It protects their pristine effect.
4. Can I get the airless tube decorated?

Yes, if required, you can surely get the airless tube packaging decorated. There is no one but many ways to get the airless tubes decorated as per your needs. At ThreeBamboo, we have three ways of decorating the products such as:

  • Screen printing: It is a great way of printing if you are looking for solid color printing. The process uses an already stenciled design transferred to the flat surface. It is best for tubes as you can use five colors, and the hand feeling of the tube is good.
  • Off-set printing: This is one of the most affordable printing services. It does not mean that there will be any compromise on the quality. ThreeBamboo provides you superb off-set printing in 6 colors that are gradually varied over the surface, making it vivid.
  • Hot-stamp printing: This process uses heated image molds to transfer them on the surface. The best thing about this type of printing is that it is super shiny and can be realized in various vibrant colors like silver, bronze, gold, etc.
5. Do airless tubes evacuate 100% of the product?

As the airless tubes cosmetic have a vacuum pump on top of them, it ensures that none of your product is wasted and all of it dispensed. So, yes, it dispense almost 100% of the product inside the tube. The vacuum created inside the tube when the user presses it pushes the product out of it.

6. How does an airless pump tube work?

There are various benefits of using an airless pump tube, and these benefits are because of its unique working. Here is how an airless tube works!

The airless tube has a simple yet interesting mechanism. It has an internal diaphragm that features the traditional piston mechanism. Usually, the piston mechanism may be flooded with air along with the material stored in the tube. However, the tube is different. It has a disk attached to the arrangement on the top. As the user presses the top of the tube, the disc rises and pushes the product into the tube, making sure zero gaps for air. Hence, it keeps the entire air supply out of the tube.

ThreeBamboo excels in making these tubes.

7. Are airless pump tubes recyclable?

Yes, the airless tubes made by ThreeBamboo are recyclable. These tubes are made of PE and PCR, both of which are recyclable. Therefore, they can be easily used without harming the environment.

8. How do you fill an airless tube?

Now that you know how to use an airless tube and how it works, it is necessary for you to learn how the tube is filled. Here are the steps through which the tube is refilled:

  1. In the first step, empty tubes fitted with airless pumps are fed to the manufacturing pipeline.
  2. After this, the tubes are aligned vertically with their bottoms up and the print mark registration process takes place. Print marks are added to the inside of the tube towards the bottom.
  3. The next step is filling. Tubes are filled with a simple mechanism where tubes are raised up into the filler.
  4. Post this, tubes bottoms are heated and prepared for sealing.
  5. The heated bottoms are then sealed and the excess plastic on the heated portion is trimmed.
  6. Finally, the tubes are dispensed for shipping.
9. What is the volume of an airless tube?

Well, there are various airless tubes that have varying volumes. If we talk about ThreeBamboo, the tube volumes vary from 3ml to 400ml. Therefore, you can choose any of them as per your needs. The volume of the tube changes with the length and diameter of the tube too.

When purchasing tubes from ThreeBamboo, you need to ensure that you get them of the appropriate size. ThreeBamboo provides you with  tubes of different lengths that vary from 43-220 millimeters.

These tubes are of the round or oval shape that has diameters in the range of 13-50 millimeters. Keep all of these important points in mind while making your purchase.

10. How is an airless tube different from a regular PE tube?

There are not many differences when it comes to the regular PE tubes  as they are made of the same material. However, the design and structure of the airless tube are way different.

Regular PE tubes do not have any type of vacuum pump on them but just a cap closure. The tube packaging has a vacuum pump that ensures tight security from oxygen-rich air. So, if you are storing your antioxidant-rich cream in a regular PE tube, it will not be qualitative for long. But, if you are storing it in an airless pump tube, the shelf life of the cream will be more.

11. What material is used to make airless pump tubes?

Many types of materials are used to make airless pump tubes, but ThreeBamboo only uses recyclable materials like PE and PCR plastic. Here are some features of these materials:

  • PE plastic: PE plastic is the best among all. It is 100% recyclable and clear. This means that you get precisely transparent bottles or tubes. Moreover, with PE plastic, you can get tubes in various colors. Lastly, it has a good rebound factor so that the tube never loses its ideal shape.
  • PCR: PCR is expanded as Post Consumer Recycled Plastic made by recycling PE plastic. Though it is the best form of recycled plastic, you will not get clearer tubes with it. Moreover, it is not that soft to touch as compared to the 100% PE plastic.
  • Aluminum plastic: The third material used to make airless pump tubes is aluminum plastic. The tube is made of aluminum and plastic layers that provide looks as well as application to the airless tube. These are not 100% recyclable but are produced by ThreeBamboo.
12. What kind of airless tubes are made at ThreeBamboo?

ThreeBamboo has a comprehensive production plant that produces many types of tubes such as:

  • 100% PE
  • PCR
  • Plastic-aluminum

No matter which one you want, just let us know.

13. What shapes do you have in airless tubes?

We at ThreeBamboo do not offer many shapes for airless tubes cosmetic. However, moving with the market, we produce tubes in two shapes, namely,

  • Oval tubes
  • Round tubes

Both of these tubes allow easy dispensing and storage of beauty products.

14. What beauty products can be stored in an airless tube?

It is best to store only liquid products in airless tubes. You can keep lotions, creams, hand wash, liquid soaps, sunscreens, BB cream, foundation, and other products that may get affected due to external moisture, air, or sunlight.

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