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Airless Spray Bottle Massive Production Capability

  • Among the various prime manufacturers of airless packaging, ThreeBamboo stands on top. ThreeBamboo produces almost all types of airless packaging, including the airless spray bottle.
  • There are various aspects that makeThreeBamboo a great option for you. ThreeBamboo has fully automated assembly in its plant that ensures better production efficiency, a faster production cycle, and more production capacity.
  • On top of that, it also has high qualified technicians, scientific production technology, and a strict raw material procurement system.

Airless Spray Bottle Features

  • The airless spray bottle is an excellent packaging for keeping any liquid cosmetics safe. The airless mechanism of the spray bottle ensures that the inside product does not come in contact with the air. Thus, safeguarding its integrity.
  • The use of airless spray bottles is primarily seen in storing perfumes, toners, makeup fixers, etc.
  • Moreover, as the airless spray bottle is made of recyclable plastic, it is lightweight and can be carried anywhere.
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Figure 3-airless spray bottle

Airless Spray Bottle Support Services

  • ThreeBamboo is not just limited to making the airless spray bottle. We also provide reliable after-sales services. If you receive any issue with the quality of the product, you can bring it to our notice, and we will find a solution for that.
  • On top of that, if you want to look into our production process, you can ask our customer support, and they can provide you with pictures and videos of the process.

Why Choose ThreeBamboo Airless Spray Bottle?

We have 20 injection molding machines to meet the production needs of plastic vacuum bottles, and we have continued to invest in gradually expanding our capacity every year.

The automated production reduces the use of manual labor, increases production efficiency and meets the increasing production requirements of our customers.

We transfer the sampled and qualified products to the packaging workshop for secondary manual inspection, and every product you receive is 100% inspected by our staff.

We pack the qualified products into standard export cartons, finish packing and transfer them to the finished products area.

During the production process of the products, we will constantly carry out sampling and do vacuum testing of the products to ensure that the vacuum bottles in production are done in full vacuum.

Only when the vacuum test is qualified, the vacuum bottle is considered a qualified product, which can prevent leakage and ensure that the vacuum bottle can effectively protect your products.


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Airless Spray Bottle-FAQ Guide

Airless spray bottle has countless aspects and benefits. Let’s study this FAQ guide and uncover everything!
1. How Do Airless Spray Bottles Work?

Like any other airless tube, airless cream jar, or more, an airless spray bottle also works on the vacuum mechanism. An airless spray bottle sprays out the product such as a perfume with the help of the vacuum created in it.

As soon as the head is pressed, it creates a vacuum that pushes the disc sitting at the base vertically. This rising disc takes the product along with its movement. The product get sprayed out of the bottle and settle back down as soon as the pressure is released.

2. How Is An Airless Spray Bottle Different From An Airless Pump Bottle?

The working mechanism of both airless spray and the pump bottle is exactly the same. The major difference between the two is that of the nozzle. An airless spray bottle is designed to dispense liquids with less density like toners, face mists, perfumes, hair sprays, and many more.

An airless pump bottle differs from the former as it has the ability to pull out high-density liquid products, for example, serums, creams, lotions, etc.

3. What Kind Of Appearances Can I Get In The Airless Spray Bottle?

ThreeBamboo provides two options to pick for your brand’s packaging. We offer either frosted or clear packaging with a provision of customization. The team at ThreeBamoo is well aware of brands’ need for exclusive branding. Therefore, we provide printing services for your packaging too.

We employ Screen printing and Heat stamping, which are two of the best printing methods. Using either of the methods creates perfect logos, designs, and images for products like airless spray bottles.

4. What Is The Volume Of Airless Spray Bottles Available?

ThreeBamboo understands that each brand has a different product portfolio and the requirements vary based on that. As a result, we offer packaging in a variety of sizes and quantities to match diverse needs.

As for airless spray bottle packaging, some beauty products like toners, makeup fixers, face mists, etc. are best suited. Check out the different sizes for packaging available at ThreeBamboo!

  • 15ml
  • 30ml
  • 50ml
  • 80ml
  • 100ml
  • 120ml
  • 150ml

Now, to match your brand’s idea, double-check everything while choosing from several designs and sizes, and then place an order.

5. Do You Have Any Minimum Order Quantity For An Airless Spray Bottle?

There is always a minimum order quantity no matter what product you buy from ThreeBamboo. For a complete package of an airless pump bottle, you have to order a minimum of 1000 pieces. If you have a larger order than this, you can place multiple orders with us.

6. What Are The Advantages Of An Airless Spray Bottle?

The airless spray bottles provide a lot of benefits to the users. The vacuum mechanism of an airless spray bottle is helpful as it preserves the shelf life of sensitive products. As the airtight packaging doesn’t let you physically touch the stored product, it does not get contaminated. Thus, protecting its quality and integrity. Also, there is almost no wastage of the product as the packaging dispenses a fixed amount of product per spray.

7. Can I Reuse The Airless Spray Bottle?

Usually, the reusability of an airless bottle depends on its structure and manufacturing. The design and purpose of an airless spray bottle don’t allow it to be reused. You can just use it and recycle it further.

8. What If I Receive A Damaged Product?

We carefully pack the order and send it out for delivery to make sure that there are no broken items. After the delivery, if you receive a damaged product, we assure you of a replacement in your next order. However, we would require proof of the broken product in form of an image or

9. Where Are Your Customers Located?

The top of the heap ThreeBamboo has been successfully serving clients all around the world, but it particularly caters to North America, Europe, and Australia. All varieties of products, from airless spray bottles to jars, pump bottles, and many more, are delivered worldwide.

10. How Much Time Is Required To Produce The Order?

A dream packaging for your brand is possible as ThreeBamboo accepts orders from all over the world. Preparing and perfecting orders as per different needs like customization, quantities, types, and many more takes time.

Specifically, if you order airless spray bottle packaging, it reaches you in 25-30 days.

Clients Feedback

We have cooperated with a lot of clients, from skincare brands, organic homemade business, start-up brands, let's see their feedback to know more about ThreeBamboo!
  • star star star star
    ThreeBamboo has very responsible sales team who keep us regularly informed about the production of our orders, making me feel as if I were seeing the production myself. The strict quality control team and sales service team solve the problem of quality control for overseas purchases.
    ---Karen B.
  • star star star
    During the shipping process, the product was broken, when we received the broken product, we gave feedback to threebamboo and they immediately responded to the quality issue by replacing our broken product in the next order, this way of solving the problem makes us think that it is very reassuring to work with such a supplier.
  • star star star star star
    I really like their packaging, especially their bamboo packaging, very natural, good-looking, environmentally friendly. We are always looking for environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging materials that cause as little environmental pollution as possible, and finding ThreeBamboo has brought our branding goals closer to fruition!
    ---Lisa Murphy
  • star star star star
    We are just a start-up company, in the beginning the purchase quantity is not very big, we communicate with ThreeBamboo in depth this, after understanding, they gave us a very big support in some stock items, give us a lot of packaging advice and marketing plan, with such suppliers grow together is a very rare peer on the business road
    ---Beck L.

ThreeBamboo is your trustful packaging solution provider

We have  over 15 years of experience in the production of packaging materials as well as good customer service capabilities. Growing together with our customers, we know deeply that good products and good customer service are the fundamentals of our business.

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