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Airless Pump Bottles Production Capability

  • Beauty products are one of the most sensitive products out there. To keep them away from moisture and air damage, a lot of special packaging is available. One of them is airless pump bottles.
  • ThreeBamboo is the prime manufacturer of airless pump bottles and airless cream jar. Our production process is supported by over 50 digitally-controlled machines that can seamlessly fulfill airless pump bottles wholesale orders.
  • We have our market across the globe with primary hotspots in the US, Europe, and Australia.

Airless Pump Bottles Product Features

  • The ideal usage of an airless pump container is seen in protecting products from air damage. It keeps the product in a vacuum that assists in maintaining its quality.
  • If we talk about the types of airless products made by ThreeBamboo, there are many airless pump bottles, airless pump jars, and more.
  • Airless bottles are commonly used for storing cosmetics products like serum, lotion, eye cream, etc. The best thing is that these are lightweight and easily recyclable.
Figure 2-Airless Pump Bottles
Figure 3-Airless Pump Bottles

Airless Pump Bottles Support Services

  • On top of some great airless products, we offer a lot of quality services. Our friendly customer support stands on top.
  • If you have any problems regarding ThreeBamboo products or services, you can easily reach out to our customer support for it. They will assist you in resolving every issue as soon as possible.
  • We also cater to you with samples products. You can leverage the service if you plan to place a large order.

Why Choose ThreeBamboo Airless Pump Bottles?

We have 20 injection molding machines to meet the production needs of plastic vacuum bottles, and we have continued to invest in gradually expanding our capacity every year.

The automated production reduces the use of manual labor, increases production efficiency and meets the increasing production requirements of our customers.

We transfer the sampled and qualified products to the packaging workshop for secondary manual inspection, and every product you receive is 100% inspected by our staff.

We pack the qualified products into standard export cartons, finish packing and transfer them to the finished products area.

During the production process of the products, we will constantly carry out sampling and do vacuum testing of the products to ensure that the vacuum bottles in production are done in full vacuum.

Only when the vacuum test is qualified, the vacuum bottle is considered a qualified product, which can prevent leakage and ensure that the vacuum bottle can effectively protect your products.


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Airless Pump Bottles-Frequently Asked Questions

Airless pump container is one of the key product categories that are highly popular and demanding worldwide. ThreeBamboo is one of those airless pump bottle suppliers that produce supreme quality products. Here is a brief FAQ guide about it!
1. What Is An Airless Pump Jar?

Just like airless pump bottles, airless pump jars are also one of the convenient products. Airless jars allow the users to dispense a small quantity of product just by pressing the top of the jar. The best thing about airless pump jars is that they block the air completely while keeping the product in pristine condition. On top of this, they also ensure that no contamination of product happens.

2. Are Airless Pump Bottles Better?

Yes, airless pump bottles are way better than the traditional product packaging. Unlike normal bottles, airless bottles protect products like serum, cream, lotions, etc., from air damage. Airless bottles do not require you to put your finger or hand inside the product. Thus, ensuring zero contamination.

Lastly, all the materials used in airless pump bottles are eco-friendly.

3. What Are Airless Bottles Used For?

As described above, an airless vacuum pump bottle uses a non-pressurized vacuum for dispensing liquids. The use of this bottle is primarily in storing beauty and cosmetic products. Other than these products, haircare or chemicals that are negatively affected by the air can also be stored in airless bottles.

The use of airless pump bottles can also be seen in increasing the product’s shelf life. The zero air contact makes the product work for longer.

4. What Is The Capacity Of Airless Pump Jars And Bottles?

We understand that the demand of each customer varies. Therefore, to meet their demands, we produce airless pump jars and bottles in various sizes and volumes. As beauty products are a need for the customers, especially women, we produce airless jars and tubes with the following capacities:

Now, the capacities of the bottles are listed. You need to know that different designs come with different capacities. Make sure you check everything before placing an order.

5. Do Airless Pump Jars Have A Pump?

The system fitted inside the airless jar has a pump that creates a vacuum effect. The vacuum created by the pressing of the user sucks the serum or cream up in the tube. When the pressure is released, the pumping effect vanishes, and the liquid settles down in the tube.

Simultaneously, the plate on which the liquid sets also rises, and the hole at the bottle of the tube captures air that keeps the plate up. This is how an airless pump jar or bottle works.

6. How Many Airless Pump Jars Can I Get In One Order?

We at ThreeBamboo are aware that most of the overseas orders are in bulk. Although we are capable of handling bulk orders easily, we have designed our process in a way that all of our customers get the best service. Therefore, we have set a minimum order quantity limit on our products.

If we talk about the airless pump jars, we have an MOQ of 1000 pieces per order. If you want to order more than the MOQ, you have to place multiple orders with us.

7. Are The Product Samples Free?

Yes, if you are ordering samples of any of our standard airless pump products, you will get the samples of that product free of cost. However, if you are ordering a product sample that is customized, you will have to pay for it on a per-piece basis. The per piece price of a customized sample can vary based on the type of product.

No matter if you are ordering a free sample or a paid one, you are entitled to pay the shipping charges.

8. How Do You Handle Returns?

Though it is highly unlikely, if you receive any product that is bad in any way, ThreeBamboo will be pleased to replace it for you. However, we would require proof of the damaged product. We will make sure that your replaced product reaches you in the next order.

9. What If The Product Is Damaged?

We pack our products in secure packing so that there are no damages whatsoever. If, in any case, you get a damaged product, we can replace it for you in your upcoming order.

10. What Is The Payment Term Of ThreeBamboo?

Unlike other airless pump bottle suppliers, we have kept our payment process pretty simple and straightforward. When you place an order with us, you are required to pay 30% of the amount as the initial deposit. The remaining 70% can be paid once your order is ready for shipping. Your order ships after you pay the balance amount.

Clients Feedback

We have cooperated with a lot of clients, from skincare brands, organic homemade business, start-up brands, let's see their feedback to know more about ThreeBamboo!
  • star star star star
    ThreeBamboo has very responsible sales team who keep us regularly informed about the production of our orders, making me feel as if I were seeing the production myself. The strict quality control team and sales service team solve the problem of quality control for overseas purchases.
    ---Karen B.
  • star star star
    During the shipping process, the product was broken, when we received the broken product, we gave feedback to threebamboo and they immediately responded to the quality issue by replacing our broken product in the next order, this way of solving the problem makes us think that it is very reassuring to work with such a supplier.
  • star star star star star
    I really like their packaging, especially their bamboo packaging, very natural, good-looking, environmentally friendly. We are always looking for environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging materials that cause as little environmental pollution as possible, and finding ThreeBamboo has brought our branding goals closer to fruition!
    ---Lisa Murphy
  • star star star star
    We are just a start-up company, in the beginning the purchase quantity is not very big, we communicate with ThreeBamboo in depth this, after understanding, they gave us a very big support in some stock items, give us a lot of packaging advice and marketing plan, with such suppliers grow together is a very rare peer on the business road
    ---Beck L.

ThreeBamboo is your trustful packaging solution provider

We have  over 15 years of experience in the production of packaging materials as well as good customer service capabilities. Growing together with our customers, we know deeply that good products and good customer service are the fundamentals of our business.

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