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Our Mission

Three Bamboo is a China-based cosmetics packaging manufacturer that creates products derived from the bamboo forests prevalent around China.
From production to packaging and quality control, we work in a manner safe to the planet.
At Three Bamboo, our mission is to reduce the plastic waste littered all over the world. By introducing bamboo lids, covers, and other parts for packaging material, we create bamboo based packaging products that use 90% less plastic than the usual.
Green Planet is our mission and renewable energy our vision. We are triggered by packaging that damages the planet because we’ve noticed the way our beaches and public places are littered by plastic that doesn’t disappear for hundreds of years.
We aspire to provide high-quality customer service by providing innovative cosmetics packaging that protects the planet so that B2B brands can find affordable, stylish, and unique packaging for their beauty solutions.
Order with Three Bamboo to make your brand look responsible, caring, and conscious about the planet because a lot of customers care today.

About Us

Hi there, thanks for checking our backstory. We’re so happy
to have you here.

I am May Zhou, the founder and creator of Three Bamboo.

Let me show you the ropes around here!

Our Story

When I was starting out, most cosmetics packaging included the popular raw materials like glass and plastic. Being an avid nature-lover, I was concerned because I knew full well plastic wasn’t gonna disappear off earth if we continued exploiting it at a large scale as we do. Moreover, even forests and nature trails around my home were rapidly getting littered with nonbiodegradable plastic waste.
As I’d already seen innovative wooden packaging on many retail products abroad, I wondered if Bamboo could be a good substitute in the cosmetics industry too. I collaborated with experts and specialists and within a few months, Three Bamboo was born!
The best thing is a huge part of the current populace already understands the dangers of plastic just as you or I do. There are millions actively trying to reduce the use of plastic today.

I want to reduce plastic so that my kids, and their grandkids, and generations of children after them can enjoy the world as beautiful as you or I had it. If we completely eliminate plastic someday, who knows, future generations might have a better world to live in even.
With its short lifespan of three to five years, easy-compostability, and biodegradable nature, Bamboo can help in keeping our ancient forests around the world alive.
Once I started working in the cosmetics packaging industry, I quickly realized there was an active demand for sustainable, eco-friendly, and durable alternatives to plastic. And, cutting every ounce of plastic mattered a lot!

On top of it, I realized a good majority of buyers and sellers are already behind it. With the combined effort of campaigns, promotions, and awareness-drives, the B2B sector favors Bamboo based products already. Bamboo is gorgeous enough to fit into any cosmetics packaging requirements, besides being stronger than steel.
With such a driving force for eco-consciousness, it didn’t take a long time for me to collaborate with designers and experts to build the best bamboo packaging alternatives to plastic for the beauty industry. At Three Bamboo, we combine the sustainability of Bamboo with its elegance to define beauty that doesn’t destroy the planet. Join us and become a saviour of the planet, and not the destroyer!

Our Factory

We have 15 years of manufacturing expertise in the packaging industry,50 numerically controlled machine tools,
Production capacity of 10,000 pieces per day,

Raw Material Storage Warehouse
Digital Controlled Machine Workshop
Assemble and QC Workshop
Finished Product Warehouse

Why Do We Love Bamboo So Much?

Besides growing up with bamboo all around, there’s so much more about this wild grass that fascinates me. It can improve the rate at which our earth breathes, it doesn’t negatively affect the water level of the planet, and it offers a clever alternative to plastic.
At Three Bamboo, while we want to eliminate plastic as much as we can, the truth is that it’s not that easy. From cost to safety of beauty products, there are many challenges to using a completely natural packaging material. We love Bamboo because it can cut down the use of plastic innovatively.
You can make almost anything out of Bamboo like cycles, cars, musical instruments, cookware, dinnerware, jewelry, pipes, cutlery, clothing, ropes, furniture, medicine, and a whole lot more nowadays.
This fastest growing grass on Earth helps in soil conservation and balances the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere too. It can cool down areas by eight degrees during the worst of summer and purify the air by 30%. On top of it, Bamboo also comes in a wide variety of colors from brown to gold, green, orange, red, purple, grey, blue, and white.
When it comes to the cosmetics industry, Bamboo is good for bottles to tubes, containers, roll-ons, and a gazillion more products.

Who Are We?

We are a group of innovative men and women from China striving to preserve the planet we all share. Our logo is inspired by the greenery we hope to achieve from transforming the planet green with bamboo alternatives. Three Bamboo is aimed at bringing REAL nature into the world of cosmetics and not just in design or copy.
If you’re thinking of a way of embracing new themes for your new or established brand, packaging products from Three Bamboo can help you.
With a total of around 50 dedicated staff, Three Bamboo has the following departments:
1.Technology is where all our research and development takes place. We strive to improve the performance and cosmetic standards of bamboo here.
2.Production is the center of our factory where bamboo cosmetics packages are constructed using state-of-the-art machines.
3.Quality Control is the section where each product is assessed by hand to ensure products meet the highest quality without damages, and other problems.
4.Purchasing is the department where all the sales reports and records are stored for legal and financial purposes.
5.Sales is where our executives discuss possible ways to spread awareness of bamboo packaging for B2B businesses.

What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to production or packaging, Three Bamboo strives to transform our planet full of waste into a green haven.
Unlike our competitors, Three Bamboo is focused on just one thing- reduce plastic waste.
We are famed for our high-quality bamboo products because of the following reasons:
●Innovative: Our cosmetic packaging products like lipstick tube, roll on, spray bottle, cream jars, toothbrushes, and jars are novel items designed to cocoon your precious beauty products safely.
●Green Beauty: We create high quality bamboo packaging products that help to convert the wasteful nature of the cosmetics industry into an eco-conscious one.
●Recyclable: Beauty brands can create clever campaigns where customers can come back with their cosmetics packages to refill the product you’re selling, thus reducing costs for both you and the customer.
●Sustainable: Bamboo grows fast and we are focused on creating sustainable products at Three Bamboo without threatening our ecosystem.
●Handmade: All our bamboo products are made by hand and perfected with manual work so that each product is flawless.

Where Are We?

Three Bamboo isn’t just a wholesaler, we are a bamboo cosmetics packaging manufacturer from China. With a well-established factory that can create over 5,000 products per day, we are located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang, China.
Ningbo (meaning Tranquil Waves) city is a thousand-year old thriving coastal town in the Northeast Zhejiang province that’s known as the center of China’s craftsmanship industry. The city has a subtropical climate that helps rich flora and fauna to flourish.
We just want to keep it beautifully green and not plasticine at Ningbo!

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